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pete on pop tv

Pop TV is a new independent web tv station launched just over a month ago. Pete Teo was interviewed on the 5th episode of its ‘Fairly Current Show’ about Malaysian Artistes For Unity. The episode went on air last night. Enjoy!

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kakiseni interview

guavakakiseni, the excellent arts webzine published an email interview with pete teo today, where he clarified many misperceptions about mafu and talked about ‘here in my home’. for those of you interested to know more stories and ideas behind the project, this is an excellent interview to read. it is also a great companion piece for the faq published on this site. Read it >here<.

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infidel media interview

pete teo was interviewed over the weekend by an indie webzine called >‘infidel media’<. issues discussed included race relations in malaysia, new media vs old media and the art of getting the country to sing together. we don’t know why pete’s 3 hour monologue on the symbolic power of the guava did not make the final cut. click >here< to read.

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we love this!

tomatowe love this beautiful acapella version of ‘here in my home’ sung by blogger nekocafe (discovered and submitted by muid latif). great job! nekocafe, if you are seeing this, do one with visuals, can? to everyone else, please go and make your own versions - then post it up on youtube and here. let’s have some fun. :-)

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