we’re on myspace!

we’ve finally got round to putting up a page on myspace. while it is pretty basic right now, we hope to work on prettifying it as and when as have time. in the mean time, please add us as a friend if you are on myspace, and add ‘here in my home’ as your profile song! our page is >here<.

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  1. 1 hus

    what is ur display name on myspace??
    i really want to add u!

  2. 2 admin

    display name is Malaysian Artistes For Unity

  3. 3 rgb

    u named it…here in my home….i call it NEGARAKU.. awesome job MAFU! hats off!

  4. 4 Aiman

    What is this? [sudden feeling of proudness of Malaysians and it's country] Is this love? Am I in love? Dub dub..dub dub..dub dub.. *blushes and start talking to ownself* So this is what love felt like..Wah wah waaaahhh

    Hey you guys are the greatest! Even BN or the gov didnt think about making something like this.(instead they did the contra) Salute! [salute like hitler one] Spread the word! Destroy the barrier of racism! MSN YM everything i linked to the video and song. Kudos too all!

  5. 5 Aiman

    Oh ya, i forgot one more thing. I have problem downloading the video. Suddenly the download stops and have to redownload from the begining. Redownload, then the download stops again. Ever without download accelerator the problem still persist. Can u guys have a look this matter? Thanks

  6. 6 admin

    aiman - thanks for those comments. glad u r in love. we are too. :-)
    as for your download problem - we had some reports of this (2 or 3) but absolutely no idea why it happens to some and not most. there could be several issues:

    1. your router or ISP has a download limit [talk to them]
    2. your isp is busy [try downloading during off peak hours]
    3. you have a firewall that stops file sizes beyond a certain size being downloaded [common in offices - try downloading at home]

    if you can’t find a solution in the above, then i am afraid there really isn’t much we can do. perhaps the best and easiest thing is to ask a friend to download the thing then give it to ya.

    if you have no friends [sob], email us and we’ll ftp a copy to ya. ok? :-D

  7. 7 Aiman

    Okey dokey. I think i will go to my uni lab to download it. Much faster there. Thank you :)

  8. 8 Aiman

    Again i forgot, can u guys upload or post the full lyrics of the song. I’ll be very appreciated. Thank you. :D

  9. 9 Aiman

    Eh sorry, didnt notice the lyrics is already posted at download>other. Sorry for triple post

  10. 10 shinyin

    congratulations and good job on the great song… i am addicted to it!! made me feel Malaysian all over again…. in fact, i’ve blog about it on: http://confessions-of-a-medical-student.blogspot.com/2008/06/confession-of-malaysian-medic-student.html

    keep up the good work!! i’m looking forward to other unity programs, and perhaps, another new song?? =)


  11. 11 jodern

    Hey! For those who have trouble download the files. Try this way. I don\’t know it will work or not. But it works kinda well to me.

    so far i have only downlaoded the Music video using this way.

    no worries, this is not spam or virus. It just direct the traffic to a network call \"Coral Content Distribution Network\" in short \"Coral CDN\".

    Basically, it is some sort like caching server that spread across the world.

    I\’m not in Malaysia now. But hopefully it will work.

  12. 12 admin

    jodern - thanks for that. appreciate it. :-)
    shinyin - you’ve been linked. thanks!

  13. 13 qistina

    i\’ve already add you guys on myspace! keep up the gud work!

  14. 14 Arshad

    I hope someday we will achieve TOTAL racial unity. Where everyone will be equal as Malaysians. We’re a long way off, but I really hope that someday in my lifetime we will be there. It will be wonderful.

    Btw amazing song, best thing I’ve heard all year.

  15. 15 Fuzzy!

    I really like what you guys did, what with the video and all.

    I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of those, so I’m gonna say what I don’t like: Malaysian ARTISTES for Unity and the repetition of the word superstars. You guys come off like you’re having a huge case of delusions of grandeur, even though, I am sure that is not what you mean.
    Not only that, it seems to me as if you’re not supporting racial segregation but supporting class segregation now.

    But then again, maybe it’s just me.

    Other than that, kudos for all the hard work. Racial unity is something that has been delayed for far too long.

  16. 16 admin

    qistina - you’ve been linked.

    fuzzly - er….yes, its just you. :-)

  17. 17 Hope

    I love your guys. Its about time this happened and the timeliness of it all is just what the country needs. Malaysia being a nation of armchair critics, you will get your fair share of snipes, but please stay strong. You have done more for our country than all of them put together. You have my respect always.

  18. 18 Xavier

    Man… I never know that Malaysia That Rock…
    Making such song… I hope there’s more song coming out…
    Hope to hear for the news…

  19. 19 lala

    hye guys…

    i am really really really proud of
    u guys by coming up wit tis idea…
    i have embed tis video at my site..
    (gonna spread the love…)

    btw i can’t find ur page on myspace
    why eh????…

    ps: my mum love tis song…

  20. 20 lala

    i have found it…

    well alredi add malaysian artist for unity….


  21. 21 Jianz

    Love this song. Best local song ever made. Everybody should listen to this. Great job MAFU !

  22. 22 Bob Yazid

    Nice effort guys! Just joined y’all on Facebook. I’ve no idea how long has this project been going on but I just watch y’alls vid at Hitz.tv last night and I’ve already d’loaded the vid (putting in my blog as in right now!). People like y’all makes me feel there’s still hope here in my home!

  23. 23 Keen

    i want this web’s URL
    but i cant find it..
    nk letak kat page lorhh…
    plz bagi..sesape..
    URL taw…

  24. 24 Patrick

    Wow. This is a GREAT song and I love it so much. We must try to spread it out to every corner in Malaysia. Unity is the strength to build the FUTURE!

    Well done. MAFU! I have also embedded the video in my blog. Cheers

    p/s: How can I embed it into my blog as profile audio? Any tips?

  25. 25 Man a.k.a. Aiman

    So deep..so deep your message..

  26. 26 hayati_h2

    i love what u guys are doing. Spreading the word of unity thru a simple beautiful song - love it! Hope this project will keep going on. Make more songs. Involve more Malaysians. Held an all-around-Malaysia tour. Keep it up! U rock!!!

    p/s: thank for approving me on myspace. i’ve already posted the song on my profile. and i just tag you on myspace a drawing i made myself bout the video…please see..thanks!

    Yeah~unity is strength!

  27. 27 admin

    thanks for the words guys. all blogs above linked.

  28. 28 Aaric

    I love this.. this thing was spread by one of my friend from college.. and i was totally shocked by this.. more to something like “wow, oh my god what just happened..” its incredible.. i’m gonna use it as the theme song for my fellowship gathering next week.. thanks for posting this !! i really appreciate it.. and can anyone that good at blogspot teach me where should i place this :

    inside the HTML of blogspot? because i’m just a novice blogger.. just tell me i have to place it before which code or after which code is good enough.. i wanna place it between my title and my post… go to http://www.aaricis.blogspot.com to view the condition.. i wanna make it between my name and my post… jz right on top… help please anyone?

    anyway i love you guys for posting video.. its really a very good encouragement for malaysians..

    thank you again.. muacks.. you’re the best MAFU…

  29. 29 Aaric

    is there any pages of MAFU @ blogspot? i’m trying to link to them through blogspot.. wats ur display name @ blogspot MAFU?

    =A@ric= : love ya all.. the best local music i ever heard..

  30. 30 mia

    awesome song ever…
    MAFU rocks!!!!!!

  31. 31 Tharma

    Hey guys, why don\’t you create Friendster and Facebook profiles??

  32. 32 Adie69_Silkroad

    Hei,To All local Artistes,
    I’m Adie(should I put name?)lol…I heard song “Here In My Home” at Hits.TV(Owner ASTRO).Fristly I just wanna showing some dis song?Actualy my language is…so I hope u all understand what I talking…Who create dis song?Can I know who is it?I can’t type dats name coz i furget but kugnan,right?hmmm…Second,I always on9 myspace.com coz I joined myspace.com since 2003 so I hope u always on9 over there k maybe I wanna more about my owner local artites?like melacca they make some place for local artites,crew n etc…Coz I from melacca too(lol!)?me is maker layouts not expert but can la I learn about coding website(not too much la!!!)…too alots many layouts I made it…so if u don’t mind I wanna use dis song for my next layouts…Can I?Third…I think Atilia already have myspace.com so others else???where urs myspace.com…Hye Guy’s please I need it…anyway If u all have myspace.com please hit me k at dats site…I use ‘toophatpeace’ coz me is Too Phat fans…Is S*** coz I don’t URL can’t change is too late but is ok…ok..I know dis song have many voice so Dats is happiness for me la…like sekampung…hmm…
    So I hope u can hit me erlier coz I wanna know all details about “Here In My Home”
    from me,

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