press conference

after 6 weeks of intense work, Malaysian Artistes For Unity is ready to release both the song and the music video to the public. a press conference will be held on thursday the 15th of may to announce this and other developments of the project.

mafu logothis site, and the free download facility on it, will also officially open on that day. by the same weekend, it is expected that media coverage of the project and the extent of our free download platforms will be nationwide. several of our broadcasting partners are in the process of planning very extensive rotation and coverage for the ‘Here In My Home’ song and video. we expect to be a substantial item in the media over the next month or so. please support us as best you can!

we will announce more news as they arise. to be alerted, please subscribe to our >news feeds< . if you are a member of the media and wish to come to the press conference, please contact us >here<.


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  1. 1 axiao

    Hey, I just saw the video on 8tv and it was awesome.
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. 2 posh73

    Hey all…u guys rock!!! Great singers in it..great respect to you guys..well done…

  3. 3 LexyKhoo86

    Hey, just saw the video. Heard the song in Hitz.Fm. It was cool. I like it. the video its heart warming.

  4. 4 pepari

    1st time listen to this song this morning.. i was like OMG sangat BESTTTT!!!!!!! u ppl rawk!!! and the vid clip; SUPERB!! well done

  5. 5 KelvinYoon

    haha~~yeah~~Malaysia Boleh in UNITY!!

  6. 6 eileenc

    I saw the video last night on 8tv and heard the song again on this morning. It gave me goosebumps twice!
    It was fantastic and I am so proud of you guys. We need this =)

    Great work!

  7. 7 RAv

    Like The video, the song ……the people ,thanks to pete ,kak yasmin and friends ..good job ..reminds me of michael jackson n FRIEnds (WE ARE THE WORLD)……

  8. 8 Zura

    great stuff!

  9. 9 adam

    congratulations to all the artistes involved. Woah two thumbs up! Great song and great clip.

  10. 10 Josh

    Great song, great video and great timing. This one is for all Malaysians to enjoy. Here’s to Bangsa Malaysia!

  11. 11 Kimura

    one word…


  12. 12 Anysha

    I am so for this cause~~
    The Malaysian Music Scene has definitely evolved~ over the years.. I can hardly diffrentiate our local talent to those international popstars… Our music speak for itself..
    Makes me proud to call myself a Malaysian..
    Kudos People!!!

  13. 13 Willie

    While driving to work today morning, listening to my normal hitz fm, feeling extremely happy that its Friday and looking forward for our long weekend.

    Then I heard that song, guys and girls, it gave me the goose bump just listening to the song!! Meaningful and it will deliver the messages nationwide! Congratulations to the superb effort.

    Its a good feeling to know all our local artistes did it for a good cause. Well done!! Proud to be Malaysian!

  14. 14 Coleen

    awesome awesome work! i am so bangga to be a rakyat of the artistes (however insignificant me is). very cool work, Pete and gang!!

  15. 15 lyana

    Hola powers that brought the music vid together!

    Applaudable effort indeed-y and I have embedded the video on my blog to let my friends both in Malaysia and Brisbane know of it.

    May this help bring racial unity to the fore. And thanks for making the huge effort.

  16. 16 nadiahkimie

    my sentiments exactly. it\’s more important than ever to be united and, most importantly, be united despite our differences (race, religion, political views, favourite fruit, etc) - and that is what makes malaysia unique and the place i call home.

    don\’t y\’all have a facebook group???

  17. 17 admin

    no time to do any facebook stuff yet. will happen at some stage I am sure. thanks for the kind words.

  18. 18 saiful

    wow…. i feel good about the song… really. It just bring us back to the root of ourself… where we stay…

    And I really hope that this song can build a community that protect each other……concern, love, supporting, etc… together…

    great inspiration for the next generation.

    p/s: can’t believe that mr tony is in the video ‘flying’ around…;-) cool.

  19. 19 molly

    great job!..
    i\’ve posted the video and link on my blog.

    keep it up MALAYSIA!

  20. 20 Choulyin

    kudos to you all for taking the initiative to make this happen. This is a great song, and one that i will be singing long into the future ^^

  21. 21 troublemaker

    yoo… wussup..??
    the video was awesome man..
    it`s cool.. luv it..
    its a great song…
    keep it up y`all..
    show that what can we do…
    peace out..

  22. 22 Jen

    Great! Thanks to everyone! Malaysia boleh! :)

  23. 23 DanielYKL

    Awesome! John Lennon couldn’t have done any better. Credit to Pete for a song well writen. Hope MAFU will come up with another song soon.I’ve also posted the video and link in my blog.

  24. 24 Niki

    I like the song, but I wonder what is the intention of the video or the cause. Is it about unity, about love or about being \"anti-racism\" as is stated in the About page. I think the collective of artistes need to be clearer about what the cause is.

  25. 25 Jerry Hyppo

    It’s a great song… Love ‘em… It’s like “We Are The World” all over again… I just wished that the song could’ve been longer than 4 minutes… I mean the song could go on for 6 minutes or so, with more singers participating individually in the prolonged chorus… well, kinda like how they did it in “We Are The World”. I can imagine Afdlin, Ning, Jason, Reshmonu, Maya Karin, Suki, Awie, Pete Teo and even none singers like Chebby or Harith singing part of the chorus, solo, till fade. It would be great!!! Anyways good effort… A remix maybe?

  26. 26 Timmy Foo

    Good Job! This song will be played twice in our dance club called “Romance of The Three Kingdom” also know as 3 Kingdom in Mont Kiara. Cheers!


    Proud to be Malaysian

  27. 27 Tera Bok

    Goose bump all over. Its lovely. Thank you for finally making me feel good for being a Malaysian citizen. This is the one time where I feel good being different in my own country. It’s about time that we should stop using race to separate all of God’s creation. It’s about time we move forward. Malaysian needs to unite as one.

  28. 28 Bella

    YAY!! great stuff you guys!
    barulah truly Malaysia :D gosh i really love this song :)
    and yeah, put it in my blog too..
    in my “I Support” column XD
    so my friends from outside Malaysia could take a look
    of this awesome song.. and i dig the video too :)
    ahh!! do more LOL!! :D

  29. 29 Jerry Ong

    Awesome Song! Malaysia Artistes simply the best :) Keep it work

  30. 30 ah_kong

    Great, i lovin this song~
    show off our malaysian power..~ hehe

  31. 31 Joseph Liew

    What a nice song!!! Surely will share with all my Friends.


  32. 32 Karen

    I like the lyrics and the rhythm as well…already embedded the song and banner in my blog.
    Itz so relaxing listen to this song after reading the newspaper.
    ‘one love undivided’, I believe it is the inner voice of a lot of Malaysian.
    No kidding…without joining hands, we are nothing, we have no home and no peace.

    Racist are more terrible than anything on earth.

  33. 33 kimgy

    i love the song so much…keep going!!!
    i suggest u create an account for Malaysian Artistes For Unity in friendster and facebook so that more people will know more.
    hope to see Malaysian Artistes For Unity in friendster and facebook.

  34. 34 LK Lim

    Hey this is a great job .. Please read the comment that this guy have posted here

    what he say about this song is true. some part of the project is so lame. read and tell me if what he says is true.
    very interesting

  35. 35 Omie

    I loved the song very much the moment I finished listening to it. The video is excellent too, all the artistes were great. I really enjoyed it. A big THANKS to everyone who made it happened! CHEERS!

  36. 36 alice lew

    got to know abt this song from, like it. love the concept, the video is simple yet meaningful.keep up the good work, and looking forward to more good songs like this in the future.

  37. 37 alice lew

    oh yea, and i have downloaded it into my mp3 player and mobile phone, gonna share with all my friends! =)

  38. 38 Qboy

    Heard this song in myfm this morning, and I can tell you that I love this song, lyrics, rhythm, singers..etc all…

  39. 39 Su Ann

    i &lt;3 the song! :) i think it\\\’s really noble, what you guys did with the video and the song. oh, and i\\\’ve posted the video on my blog as well, thought i was supposed to let the admin know :)

  40. 40 saya anak malaysia

    can’t recall date when i first heard the song, but i was sure i was on my way to work and listening to radio, man it was a good song and really fit to the current scenario.
    well guys and girls, congrat.

  41. 41 FaReEz

    U GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

    this song is great

  42. 42 Abby Lam

    I may be a little late to eventually lay eyes on the video but(!) HEY! It\’s massive! [heard it on the radio days back though]

    Just saw it on and to my surprise, MARK TEH is in it!! XD

    *claps claps*


    \"Massive\" job!!

  43. 43 zying.

    great song! keep it up. :D

  44. 44 >GuLa

    hey guys! this is great guys! i love this thing! u guys rawks! hey guys, im a handicap and uses crutches to walk and other then that im as normal as u guys! can i know how i can join this Unity i realy wana do somthing for this Unity! this is the spirit that our country need now thanx guys!

  45. 45 usenleo


    I embed to my blog,and spreading it out through forum already!

  46. 46 carlame

    i embed the video in my bloggeh =D
    Great job x) I love the song LOTS

  47. 47 Suba

    god….seeing d vid almost brought me to tears….being 3ooo+ miles away from home gives me a much bigger view of home,n more space to miss home….i’ve embedded it on my blog…would love to spread the word like all my other friends here 2…shoutout to all…u guys are doing a great job,keep it going…we’re all in this together,one way or another….!

  48. 48 hawkeye

    Awesome … first heard it on myFM … great job .. you are one talented lot … proud of you guys …

  49. 49 master


  50. 50 admin

    thanks for the encouragement guys. please post your messages in the more recent posts so that everyone can find them easier. thanks!! :-)

  51. 51 Neo Zypher

    Kudos to Malaysian artistes!

    This is what we should be proud of, not mega projects!

    - Proud Malaysian!!!

  52. 52 LAU KL

    Good job… i really LOVE tis song…
    i’m very proud tat WE as a Malaysian also can produce such a nice song…especially it is all about unity of Malaysians…
    keep it up n i hope tat all of u can work 2gether again n produce a few more nice songs…haha… (if possible la…) :) thank you for “creating” it!!


  53. 53 SCOBoy

    Good Job… but lacking in the things that REALL count..

    .. Maybe the government could change its LAWS for equity amongst ALL races..rather than have only pro Bumiputra policies…

    This is a nice piece of Malaysian Propoganda.

  54. 54 Claire

    Of course there wud be many nice & not-so-nice comment depending on how people interpret this effort. it may lack in so many things u can imagine, but thats exactly what makes it’s simple & not so hard to imagine.. :) personally, i realy think it’s a great-awesome-wonderful masterpiece..Gud job everyone!

  55. 55 sk lau

    Juz wondering, would any of the famous singers like to take up teaching in singing for full or part-time arrangement in klang valley as well as other states.

    For more details, pls gimme a buzz at 012 2252655 or my email at >here<

    rgds fr sk..

  56. 56 st

    Well done Malaysia !!
    Looking forward the next project on this..

  57. 57 clearwater

    Wonderful song, wonderful people. Love it. Redeemed some of my faith in young Malaysians. They are not all spoiled and self centered after all, some really do care and are not afraid to show it. Made my day.

  58. 58 loquterz

    i like the song… it’s slightly campy but appropiate…. i love the site… speaks to me on a personal level and just the right amount of editor/geek injection… makes it worth reading everything.

    all in all i think this reflects a lot of how the general public feels… why can’t we just be malaysians… not malays/chinese/indians/dan lain lain? stop segmentation… we breath the same air, eat the same nasi lemak … just get along already!

  59. 59 Ngooi GS

    This is really a true Malaysian’s song. United We Stand Divided We Fall. The video was even more amazing. Keep up all the good work. Awesome job.

  60. 60 Claire

    hola! i never listen to any other song but this since the 1st time i get la la~ peace everyone!!! :D

  61. 61 wel you guys! Nice song and fun video..hehe..Awesome!!

  62. 62 anwar sauqie

    im very impressed..
    good job..
    keep it up..
    here in my home..
    keep your good work..
    im always support u all..

  63. 63 a_dahlia

    awesome!! i love the warm fuzzy feeling after hearing this’s soo addictive i listen to it almost every hour..
    p/s: can i make a lil shout out here to my bestest fwens..kalash and wei fen!! i may hardly say it..but AUFA heart u..let no racist minds pull us apart..muahxXX

  64. 64 icedlemontea

    Oh my goodness. you guys are so briliant! *salute! i just love this song and the freebies? lovely! I am so loving this song I embeded it on my blog. Thank you so much guys! Keep up the effort yah. I LOVE YOU! (^_^)

  65. 65 admin

    thank you guys! keep spreading the word. ok? :-)

  66. 66 CheryL

    I juz love the humour on every post in this site from d editor to the geek… & not 4get to mention that I LOVE this songs alot. Thanks Pete for coming up with this great idea and all teh volunteers in making this possible….

    By the way, I love the guava and the star fruit. Vy refreshing *wink*

  67. 67 fawzi

    No word can describe how wonderful the song is and how brilliant the video clip is…

    Kudos to Pete Teoh!! Your the man!!
    Kudos to MAFU!!

    I’m here with u guys all the way!!! :D

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