download to open soon!

we are working flat out to get the download facility open by friday morning [16th may]. please check back then. it’ll be worth the wait - promise - we’ll be uploading loads of goodies for your to download. it’ll be all for free [sigh, malaysians!]. meanwhile, please drop us a line if you require anything to help you help us. 

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  1. 1 xoxo

    Fantastic song! Am a fan already. :)

  2. 2 Tita

    Love the song! Can\’t wait to download it.

  3. 3 PokNik

    Job well done. Proud of you guys. Shud continue with more projects on this. Love u guys!!!!

  4. 4 nida

    finally..saw at 8TV..
    cool song and vc :D keep it up guyz!
    thumb up to pete and all who involve/participate..i wish i could 2 ;)

  5. 5 Ryan

    Great Job for everyone….Wish to see more like this in the future…=) Malaysia BOLEH…!

  6. 6 puggy

    how to download? it requires password. how to get password? how to register?

  7. 7 Punitha

    It probably would sound really cheesy but watching the video did make me choke up a bit =P What can I say, I love Malaysia but with all that’s been happening it was getting very sad to see many who seemed to not; it was just getting ugly. But this song reminds me of all that is still beautiful.. thanks guys!

  8. 8 puterikurekure

    have download it in my blog! nice video. i really2 love it!

  9. 9 hawa

    nice song! really love it….great job guys….cool!

  10. 10 Philip

    Hell, I’d pay for this song. Great job guys!

  11. 11 Steve

    Very nice song…can you guys make this song into mp3 so ezi for ppl like us to download to hp…thanks…and….great job….

  12. 12 Lydia

    Love the song :) Hope you will upload it to MySpace cos I can’t wait to put the video on my page. Great job guys!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13 Carrie

    A superb song…..catchy and cool.

  14. 14 Josh

    We all want the song on our phones, blog and caller tunes! We want to see Malaysia united with this new anthem

  15. 15 HAIRY

    pls let me have the download password..i love to have them as my caller ring tones!

    thanks in a bundles of joy

  16. 16 Feezha

    yeah.. i already put it up in my blog.. im proud to be Malaysian

  17. 17 Chopbust

    I really loved the song! Please do put up a high-quality video download later so that I can download a better quality and cherish it!

    Good to know that there is still hope left.

    Good job, guys!

  18. 18 I.Am.Sam

    This song rocks my socks off! only one word describe this song,LEGENDARY!

  19. 19 philippecr

    I’m waiting for the download password. :) The song is nice.

  20. 20 kaneenh

    I have spread the words on Malaysia Today, the only site I percaya. GREAT, GREAT works. I listen with emotion swelling up in my throat. I am so proud to be a Malaysian.

  21. 21 kimmy

    Got the news about this song from Klang Community eSpace. Simply Wonderful. The lyrics are still playing in my mind even after the song has finished playing. Will put it as top link in the Forum. :)

  22. 22 alexlim

    post it in my blog… spreading the words wherever I can…

    waiting to download the song…


  23. 23 strike

    Just heard the song this morning on….not bad…not bad at all….

  24. 24 eewl

    Great song…. luv it so much.

  25. 25 uglyinbeauty

    love the clip n the song…but what’s the password for downloading it?…

  26. 26 Sangalli

    Great work Pete and co. catchy tune, and great minimalistic video

  27. 27 I.Am.Sam

    Can someone please tell me what is the the password to download this song! I’m begging u please!

  28. 28 Gyven

    When can get the download…with the password???fantastic and love it so much during the first time listen on my fm chanel…

  29. 29 ema

    great.. great.. great.. songs and vids too… 2 thumbs up + 2 toes up… hehehe.. it will be great if you have more and more such as wallpaper of here in my home or etc….

  30. 30 arin

    loveeeeeeee the song..congrats guys!

  31. 31 coolcat95

    congrats guys! too cool…simply love the vid and song. posted in my blog and will surely spread it around to my o’sea frenz. keep it coming!

  32. 32 shooting

    can show the lyric here??

  33. 33 admin

    lyrics in their original language (as well as translated) are now available for download. :-0

  34. 34 Garb

    HEBAT! Satu lagu yg hebat! Melodi yg hebat! Lirik yg hebat! Dan video ini telah saya letakkan di dlm blog saya. Saya ‘berharap’ terlibat di dlm pembikinan video ini. Hhehehe…..Saya BANGGA dengan anda-anda semua!

  35. 35 Claire

    been listening to it 24 7…:) i love all the voices..wish i was there to support to..:)

  36. 36 admin

    glad u like ti claire. tell all your friends to link up or embed ok? :)
    garb - you’re linked. :-)

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