download unlocked!

sorry for opening the download page half a day later than anticipated. it was cause by a combination of fatigue and technical hitches. still, after an entire day of firefighting, it is open now. thanks to all of you who dropped messages and words of encouragement. we have done our bit - its all up to you now. go forth and multiply!

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  1. 1 Josh

    Fantastic! Thanks Guys! You can see the video at my blog too!

  2. 2 Chung

    Love and enjoy the video.
    Keep it going.

  3. 3 Aaron

    I was so blown away by the effort!!! Lump-in-throat/misty-eyes inducing experience as I watched it!! It’s embedded on my Facebook… THANK YOU!

  4. 4 yatie

    the first time i heard it was this morning when premiered the song & it was really really good! great job guys (: kudos especially to pete teo!

    btw just wondering where can i get the lyrics itself? and also, you guys should create a group/page on facebook (: i’ll be posting the video on my profile (:

    keep it up guys!

  5. 5 posh73

    Afdlin Shauki ada hidden talent…Voice power lah..
    Awie..1st time dengar dia nyanyi an English song..and he did well!!
    Last but not least..Harith Iskander..u dance well man! Way to go….
    Awesome Video….Thumbs up!!

  6. 6 Philippecr

    I would like to recomand another type of music codec call FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) or APE (Monkey’s Audio) for a lossless digital music. :) rather then AIFF.

    u can google about them for more info.

  7. 7 gerald

    Amazing!!!! keep it up

  8. 8 alfie

    waaaaaaaaa… i\’m impressed!! good job everyone…. and that includes the tea lady…

  9. 9 arin

    I love the song..the vclip..amazing!

  10. 10 aya

    heard it on the radio this afternoon and the first thing i got home was search for it. :) it’s a very very awesome song. thanks for sharing it!

  11. 11 Muhamad Nor Salleh

    Hi Malaysian folks,I feel so proud that there is still LOVE in our hearts.Malaysia is our home.Home sweet home.Please, make our home a nice place to stay. Cherio.

  12. 12 Lin

    I was anticipating to this song so much after listening them at mrmanager. love them. such an excellent work!

  13. 13 Michael Yip

    Very nice MTV. Really really a happy bunch. Keep it up.

  14. 14 wnny

    i’m soooo proud of u all…

  15. 15 Ann Hani

    I love the song very much when I heard it on Hitz.FM yesterday.
    I already embedded it on my blog.

  16. 16 gette

    Thank you for such an amazing song, wonderful cast of personalities, and timely sentiment. Embedded in blog as well.

  17. 17 fafa

    love the song, love the video and they’re both on repeat. wonderful job, guys! and thank you so much for the freebie downloads! embedded on my blog for the erm…6 people who read it.

    p.s. love the little conversations between the editor and geek.

  18. 18 Mattyas

    One word “LEGENDARY”! Honestly, I’m proud to be a MALAYSIAN ever since I went outstation in China for 2 months. I will definitely share this message to all my Malaysian friends in foreign countries.
    p.s. I love the “sepet” couple. Hahahaha….

  19. 19 WalaoA

    well done guyz……….

  20. 20 Naoko

    Thank you. Thank you for making this video.

    I don’t know about the rest, but I’m listening to this with tears coming down my face. Thank you for this video.

  21. 21 Naoko

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, have embedded the vid on my blog too!

  22. 22 Melissa

    This is truly a work of art.

    Embedding it in my blog, keep up the good work, guys!

  23. 23 Max Loh

    Heya, just wanted to drop you guys a line to say that I made a post on my blog for this music video. Ten thumbs up! Keep up the good work yo!

  24. 24 Serah Boey

    All of you are too awesome for words, seriously. I went all misty-eyed as soon as the song kicked in… Good job and keep it up! ♥

  25. 25 Pam

    Heard this song on FLYFM! Great job, it\’s a beautiful song and it\’s a worthy cause. Embedded it on my blog already! :)

  26. 26 sangdiva

    I’ve added it in both of my blogs. Keep the good job guys. For better society that can love, not just tolerate, each other

  27. 27 sangdiva

    had it in my blogs at blogdrive and

  28. 28 alish

    hi there, Am proud of you guys for the effort and I enjoy it so much hope to see more from you guys….

    1 word - AWESOME

    Gambatte and hontoni….
    Terima kasih …. (sebab buat, sebab bagi download etc etc)
    p.s saya juga berbangga menjadi rakyat malaysia…. kerana ada usaha seumpama ini :)
    xoxo XD,

  29. 29 Jocelyn

    Brilliant! Love, LOVE the song. Has been on Repeat the whole day.

    Good stuff, everyone!

  30. 30 fieqa

    just want to say,
    i LOVE this song very much…

  31. 31 iu

    L.O.V.E it………. Its about time we unite….. Set the taboo away…. what racism??….. we are all Malaysian la…. (”;)

    I got the message from this song…… hope everyone else does tooo…. lets pray for it….

  32. 32 momo

    just gotta love this song and the videoclip is just pure coolness! Great song and great effort guys.. me love Malaysia, me love you all! ;)

  33. 33 Kavidha N.

    This is awesome! What a great effort, what a great song! I hope everyone focuses on the message. MALAYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS!

    Thank you guys so so so so so much. *hugs to all*

    P/S - LOVE the site. Simple and funny. thanks webmistress!

  34. 34 shooting

    May I have the lyric?

  35. 35 mahendran

    as a proud Malaysian, i am speechless watching the video..listening to a beautiful song.

    Thank you ppl for the great gift

  36. 36 admin

    thanks for the wonderful messages guys. keep them coming…

    shooting - lyrics available for download now. have fun!

  37. 37 jessieloi

    Love it! Thank you!

  38. 38 firdaus

    geez, i dunno what to say, but i just wanna show my appreciation to those who were involved in the project. it is definitely worth it!!!i’m glad that at least there are malaysians who care, and want to see changes in malaysia. this is our home, there is no place like malaysia, i can’t think of this country without all of its people. we are malaysia because of us. i was really touched by this song, that i texted my good friends to youtube it. they agreed with me that the song is just soo good and timely. great job guys. you guys made me believe that there is still hope…and together we’ll work for a better malaysia.

  39. 39 ShyuCorner

    Love it… video loaded on blog.

  40. 40 yungszen

    Yes, like any other country, dear Malaysia is not perfect but at the moment, i’m damn proud to say,

    Malaysia is a wonderful country and i’m happy to be part of it!!

    and guys, awesome job!!! may every malaysian that watch this feels tha malaysia, is truly an amazing country!!

  41. 41 falliq

    thank you thank you thank you thank you to all those who was involved in this project and to make things better they give us freebies (one thing that malaysians really love)… gosh… again this is a lovely song and god! you guys have showed that despite whatever that we are facing now, there is still hope to unite us together under one nation… gosh… great job and really appreciate the effort that everyone had put in!


  42. 42 pinkbag

    nice song!!!!! loaded the video in my blog =)

  43. 43 Cokie

    I just love it!! Thanks!!! ^_^

  44. 44 yvonne

    hey, i really like d song! i played it over & over again on my laptop! really love it! great job n congratulations 2 u all!

  45. 45 Ratna

    Congratulations. I was touched. Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, simple and humble video.

  46. 46 James

    Beautiful song. It is very touching and the song is really good with very strong lyrics. It makes me a really Proud Malaysian. Bravo guys and thanks for embarking on such a wonderful and meaningful project.

  47. 47 KohJL

    I really love this. The lyrics, the music, the video… Thank you so much for putting it together.

    Pointless trivia:
    This is the first song I ever uploaded on my phone, since I normally use it for “serious stuff” only. Hehe…

  48. 48 admin

    ah kohJL, this is very serious business indeed. well done!! :-)

  49. 49 Kenneth

    just want to point out a slight mistake on the lyrics pdf. The english rap word, I heard “Yes, I feel it in my bones… So I’ll let it be known”. But in the file it’s the other way round.

    Anyway, another suggestion, maybe you should include the malay, chinese and tamil words in the lyrics. Most malaysians are bilingual, if not tri… or in this case quad ;)

  50. 50 admin

    good idea sir. we are working on precisely that as we speak. :-)
    thanks for the head up about the mistake too. will sort it out.

  51. 51 Mr Dino

    ur dld r not resumable!! ~~T_T~~
    dat suxx when havin crappy screamyx line.. :E
    tried 3 times but all dld\’s iz not finished correctly la..
    wat to do?

  52. 52 admin

    sorry Dino, tell me again what’s the problem. we will try to solve the best we can. you having problems downloading?

  53. 53 danielliew

    Any plans to make Desktop/Laptop Wallpapers available for download? Just a suggestion.

  54. 54 Kenneth

    I really like the download function. Hoping that there are more such as wallpaper/screensaver for mobile. As you know, we can share these files easily with friends as mobile is more convenient.

    Besides, I’m hoping for different video file type of the music video, like MPEG or RMVB because I really rarely use Quicktime.

  55. 55 admin

    mp4 version of video is available now. wall papers etc will come soon.

  56. 56 Mr Dino

    downloaded-tebayoo~~ maybe the problem solved….?? haha… :D
    i believe the problem is it cant be downloaded with download manager that dnld/stream the file with chunks n when finish it merge bak the chunkies.. last time i paused the dnld n when resumed it restarted again~~ KYAA~~

    btw.. any chance of getting a widescreen hq clip? :E

  57. 57 hollowz

    best…simple but touching malaysian hearts…keep up the good work guys…I’m waiting for next coming songs…
    peace 2 jari..

  58. 58 ariff

    Hye all.. nice n cool.. good work.. loaded the video n banner in my blog too..

  59. 59 pooi theng

    hey! i am proud of you guys!! keep it up! i am so so PROUD to be a MALAYSIAN! MALAYSIA BOLEH! KAMI BOLEH!

  60. 60 ~te@rdr0p~

    nice song…reali love it…it was a vr gud effort n i hope u guys cn write more songs like dis 1…m\’sia is seriously in nid of anti-racism moves…anyway, hope we cn hear more great songs frm every1…peace

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