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NEWSFLASH!: some of you have asked for lyrics. I’ve duly added a pdf file of it in the download section under ‘others’ category. we also have pretty stunning developments in the pipeline in the coming days and weeks - so make sure you stay tuned by either subscribing to our >news feed< or checking back to this bulletin often. the reaction to our project has been amazing so far. it’ll be fast and furious for a while. please do your bit to make sure it does not fade.

189 messages

  1. 1 huey mei

    I already attach it in my blog…
    it was a great song

  2. 2 whitedove

    Really like the song ‘Here in my home’ and i already download it and also attached it to my blog..Congrats!

  3. 3 falliq

    it’s a kewl song…
    makes me cry every time i hear it…
    this is a great effort!
    keep it up…


    falliq :)

  4. 4 michelle

    i love this song, and good job to all that has taken effort to work on this project!

  5. 5 michelle

    hey there, i have embed the banner n video to my blog!

  6. 6 Lorna Nur Natasha Ow

    Hi, i am not a malaysian but i have friends like Harith, Afdlin who were in the video, and i must say i feel proud to have friends who are proud of their country. I have downloaded the song into my handphone and am loving it. Will do a part to have the video attached to my facebook!

    Kudos to a song well written and a video well produced.


  7. 7 Helmi

    Congratulations! A very nice and cool song. I\’m not sure who is the mastermind behind this project but this guy should be given some sort of award like unity award; perhaps should be introduced in the next AIM. The first impression when I first heard the song was the sound quality. It was awesome. To all who contributed, I thank you all in my capacity as a Malaysian. As a Malaysian, I really hope this song will not end up just as a song. I wish all Malaysians will know this song quickly, will understand it gradually and will feel it slowly. ONE SONG ONE LOVE ONE MALAYSIA.

  8. 8 admin


    pete teo originated the idea and executed it with his assistant albert law. but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of not only all those you see in the video, but all those behind the camera and more besides. pete was the biggest winner at AIM last year and did get a chance to plug the project on AIM this year.

    the myth of malaysian music production being inferior to imported music is no longer true. sure, a lot of it is pretty sub-standard, but there are good work produced every year. however, most of the international quality stuff is done by independent bands and artistes, who seldom get airplay on our radio stations. the situation is so bad that pete’s music get more airplay in korea and japan than in malaysia. we need to change this - but it will not happen unless the malaysian public is more aware of the quality stuff that is made at home these days. you can find out more about pete and his work at his blog >here< .

    both yasmin ahmad and ho yuhang (co-directors of the video) regularly win awards in international film festivals.

  9. 9 Cometh

    The song is very nice. Two thumbs up. Done putting it in the banner and music video. Good thing must share one… =)

  10. 10 Puvanan

    Hi guys..

    I have posted “Here In My Home” video on my blog to spread the unity and love. And, I have already warned my readers to behave themselves and keep their hands off your damn guava :P So, no worries please.. :)
    I really love every bit your presentation and most importantly its message for unity. I gotta say that you guys rock! Keep up the good team and all the best from me.

    Thank you people.

    Puvanan Nadaraja

    p/s: great inspiring ideas spark when we are bored to death or busy doing nothing. perhaps, you guys may want to consider asking Pete to juggle more tomatoes everyday, or guava may be!

  11. 11 KAI aka BudokMilo

    I would like to acknowledge every single being involve in the makin of this great masterpiece!!!

    Thanks every one involved for standing up and share your vision!!!

    It had owez be my principle:
    “No matter what race you are, we are all just 1 race…..HUMAN RACE!!!”

  12. 12 kambing_[X]

    kudos to all, u guys did a great job.

    \"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.\" - Martin Luther King Jr. -

  13. 13 Kay

    hope it started and won’t be end!=)

  14. 14 Zanie

    Hello guys..
    I love this video…
    I’ve embedded your video in my forum at http://www.crypton-lc.com/xoops/htdocs/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=86&start=0#forumpost1617

  15. 15 Prakesh

    i dont know how ya’ll did it….but the song is a good as the damn guava ;)

  16. 16 faweena

    Oh, I’m so putting this vid in my blog. Awesome one :)

  17. 17 Kenneth

    Proud to be a Malaysian. It’s my responsibility to embed it into my blog and continue to spread the word. Unity rocks!

  18. 18 Ajang Laing Liling

    hey, why isn’t there any caps for your sentence?

  19. 19 admin


    its broken. but don’t tell anyone. we officially call it ’style’. :-P

  20. 20 buyot
  21. 21 Ann Hani
  22. 22 Josh

    We are moved by the song and the efforts for unity.
    Here’s towards Bangsa Malaysia!

  23. 23 rossana

    this song it’s awsome! luv this song! really feel like home. proud to be malaysian. hurmmm…where can i get the lyric?

  24. 24 azyze


    Most importantly, it DOES evoke a sense of unity that breaks all barriers, immediately.

    Embedded on my page, fo sho’ :)

  25. 25 KLStompers

    Great work guys….congrats to all involved.
    Feels proud to be a Malaysian…..
    Malaysia Boleh!

    Stomp Away,

  26. 26 axiao
  27. 27 Howei

    Unity has been blurred until now. Thank you all for making a stand for Malaysia in a very special and meaningful way. Loved your song n Video. Keep it up, you guys really move the rakyat hearts!!!

    I have to admit, I did tear when I first listen to it on radio. Well I guessed with all the issues we’re facing that bring us down, the song is one thing that lift me up. Thank you thank you n thank you.

  28. 28 kalo

    loved the song. banner, video and lyrics up on blog :) good job!

  29. 29 sam c.

    You nguys i just wanna say thanks-you guys really deserve it,no doubt!!
    I posted it on my webbie….Come visit it @

  30. 30 mayjean

    i shall embeed it real soon… my friend has done that n heres here blog add… http://sunriise.blogspot.com...
    love this song n i have got my parents hooked on it..i even got my cousins in the phillipines n australia to listen to it n they enjoy it as well although they are not malaysians… haha… continue producing songs like this… it makes us the teens of malaysia proud…

  31. 31 frostie

    Hey peeps, just want to say that the song is great and the video even more so..its currently on my playlist and i had even added the pic on my facebook *grin*..

    Will continue to support this cause in any ways I can..

  32. 32 dan

    great song, which i believe it’s what Malaysians feel. let’s live in the Malaysia for Malaysians and not anybody else.

  33. 33 Lemon Tree






  34. 34 kasorrga dunia

    kenapa artis yg ada hanyalah dikalangan klik2 mereka sahaja?
    u know what i mean rite?
    anyway… good effort from u guys… keep up the good work…
    cayalah… we are the rakyat lah!!!

  35. 35 Mel

    The song is really nice..
    I am so embedding this on my Friendster profile…
    Why don’t u guys create a Friendster Fan Profile?…just an idea…

  36. 36 Mel

    Is this song released as a CD single? is there an album cover?…

  37. 37 beverly

    good job guys! it’s really a nice+great song!
    proud to be a malaysian, i have it in my blog right after hearing it. aww… the song is like so comfortable. n kinda touching to me^^
    here in my home, malaysia.
    *hugs n kisses*

  38. 38 admin

    hi mel,

    the answer to your first question is we simply have not the time. we are not joking when we say this project has zero budget. and that means we have no permanent staff. and whenever radio does hourly rotation on any song, there’s so much work that comes with it you won’t believe. so - please give us a little time. facebook, myspace and friendster will come later. ok? ;-)
    with regard to whether there is an album cover - no there isn’t. for now, this is very much a one song project - and ‘here in my home’ is very much its one and only single. having said that, different language versions of it may well be happening.

    thanks for all your support. the response from your guys have been brilliant. and it makes all the hard work worthwhile. let’s keep it going….

  39. 39 Ling

    Here In My Home is wonderful song. I love the song and the video. Have been playing it over and over again on my iTunes and iPod. I have attached the video to my facebook and the link to the video onto a website that my friends and I started. It’s called MUMs – mums uniting mums.

    We are a support group for mums caring for children with cancer and mums in bereavement. Your song is about unity, hope and love. That’s what MUMs is about too… hope and love… and in a way, unity too. We are here to give support to all who needs us regardless of colours.

    So no matter what our cause is, at the end of the day it’s all about LOVE.

    Thumbs up for MAFU! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your upcoming songs… and thank you so much for the free download.


  40. 40 Ling

    Here In My Home is a wonderful song. I love the song and the video. Have been playing it over and over again on my iTunes and iPod. I have attached the video to my facebook and the link to the video onto a website that my friends and I started. It’s called MUMs – mums uniting mums.

    We are a support group for mums caring for children with cancer and mums in bereavement. Your song is about unity, hope and love. That’s what MUMs is about too… hope and love… and in a way, unity too. We are here to give support to all who need us regardless of colour.

    So no matter what our cause is, at the end of the day it’s all about LOVE.

    Thumbs up for MAFU! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your upcoming songs… and thank you so much for the free download.


  41. 41 admin

    kasorrga dunia,

    i am not quite sure what you mean by ‘artis yg ada hanyalah dikalangan klik2 mereka sahaja’, but if you mean that the artistes were hanging out on the video in cliques, then that is very far from the truth.

    Apart from the fact that awie and afdlin are friends and that yuhang and pete are friends, none of the combination of people seen on screen normally hang out with each other. in fact, this is why the shoot was a magical one - the charisma and friendship you see onscreen was very much forged as the result of everyone coming together to do this project. as said in the faq, some were in tears at the end of the shoot.

    another thing you might be interested to know is this - of the 120 people present at the shoot, fewer than 10 were people pete knew before this project. so no, this has not been an exercise of ‘cliques-get-together’.

    still, thanks so much for your encouragement. i think it is natural that people can feel cynical about the friendship portrayed here - but take it from us - there is nothing fake or cliquey about it. at this moment in our country, the artistes - as much as people who warm to this song as soon as they hear it on radio - needed a project like this. you can see it in their faces.

    that’s why, despite its apparent simplicity, this video has a warmth and power. it is real.

  42. 42 Doomsday

    Hey, great and nice song by you guys. Big thanks to all who are involved in success of making this song.
    Been listening this song broadcast in radio and was wondering where to get it. Finally I came across to http://www.malaysianartistesforunity.info/

    The video was awesome and never knew there are lots of local artist making it happen. Good job ;)
    Hope to hear more in near future from you guys and girls.


  43. 43 German Lasprilla

    A very nice and cool song.
    We agree.

    I already attach it in my web site, free advertising:

    Bogota greetings from latin america colombia
    German Lasprilla

  44. 44 German Lasprilla

    A very nice and cool song.
    We agree.

    I already attach it in my web site (free advertising)

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    German Lasprilla

  45. 45 Mathew George

    Amazing video shoot..
    Beautiful Song..
    This is exactly what i was just looking for.

    Big Respect to Yasmin Ahmad, Pete Teo and the rest of you who made it work out..!

    Hope to see more and participate too..!

  46. 46 richard tan wei zhe

    hey people!you guys did a great job on the song and video.bravo!and I hope all Malaysians will receive the message in the video.Keep it up peeps!

    anyway.i’ve embedded the video on my blog.hope it’ll help! =]


  47. 47 Mathew

    kudos pete, for initiating the project! kudos to the MalaysianArtistesForUnity for pulling it off so well, despite the ‘zero budget’. and thank you all SO MUCH for making everything free for us to download!

    i can’t stop listening to the song, and i easily watch the video more than 10x a day since i got it! haha. the chorus is catchy, the lyrics are easy to understand and relate to, and i just loved the way 4 different languages were done for the rap part (honestly i never knew malay and tamil rap could be that cool! haha). and the part of the video that showed people holding signs saying “We the Rakyat lah!” just sent the message across perfectly!

    thank you thank you thank you, and congratulations once again on a job well done!

  48. 48 kasorrga dunia

    me also embedded to my blog…
    we will support you…

  49. 49 Sir Mart

    Good project guys. Love the song.
    Keep up the good work.
    Already embed the sidebanner on my site.
    Will share the vids too.
    Keep it alive!

  50. 50 NeKo

    i have embed the video to my Friendster profile!!
    feel lucky & proud to be malaysian… :)

  51. 51 Danny Oh

    Here In My Home…I Miss My Malaysia!

    To all Malaysian and turning Malaysian, please remember


    Take Care!

  52. 52 Seko Ong

    It has such a strong message for all humanity. I am overjoyed!
    It’s like you guys are the light despite the gloom, the hope despite the despair. Bravo!

  53. 53 Mae

    This is definitely the best thing we ever have!!

    Thank you guys and girls for making the music and the video. It’s simply moving. Keep the message on air and everywhere! The video’s on my blog too :)

  54. 54 faweena

    My class also supports this.


  55. 55 Kevin Broken Scar

    I just want to congratulate everyone for a job well done. The song and the video is amazing! You guys did AWESOME! The shoot must have been heaps of fun huh? It definitely translated well on screen. Real stoked with the whole thing and the effort for unity. Simply amazing!

    Pete, RESPECT lah! You da man!

  56. 56 arch^t

    this is great!!
    music unites people~
    thank you for making this song~
    it is as nice as the guava..hehe~
    btw,I’ve put it in my blog too ;p

  57. 57 niez

    i LOVE this song.
    the song is really great+awesome+amazing!
    hopefully our rakyat can unite through this song.
    and i repeatedly watch the video over n over again.
    can’t get enough of it.. hehe!
    owh, i already put the video in my blog too. :D

  58. 58 ethan

    great songs by great people

  59. 59 Law Jern Han

    I agree with this blog author article. To VAGUE. Even the website is VAGUE. Great lyrics, great singers. but the music arrangement falls flat. :(

  60. 60 JIH

    Well i don’t. Half the things he says are stupid and the other half dishonest. He claims not to understand lyrics that even my 13 year old son does. Either he is an idiot or he is illiterate. Even his praises sound false and hollow. And to criticize this website’s design tops it all - have you seen HIS? Besides, everything is explained in the faq here anyway - if only he’d bother to read it. Talk about missing the fucking point! I am so pissed off after reading that rubbish.

  61. 61 alex

    you guys rock

  62. 62 NDRU

    Thanks JIH for your comments. Btw if you notice i do not design that website of mine. Its a wordpress template. do you have a website?

    Admin: is this bulletin board moderated?

  63. 63 Law Jern Han

    \"Well i don’t. Half the things he says are stupid and the other half dishonest. He claims not to understand lyrics that even my 13 year old son does. Either he is an idiot or he is illiterate. Even his praises sound false and hollow. And to criticize this website’s design tops it all - have you seen HIS? Besides, everything is explained in the faq here anyway - if only he’d bother to read it. Talk about missing the fucking point! I am so pissed off after reading that rubbish.\"

    Its his RIGHT to have an opinion. And it\’s my RIGHT to agree with his opinion. Do you want to call the ISABULANCE? Let people speak their mind. The way you\’re behaving goes against the what the artistes are trying to achieve. What a hypocrite.

    Good night Malaysia!

  64. 64 NDRU

    its just my opinion but maybe some might not take it well.its all up to you.

  65. 65 mikey

    Ahh…JIH… Chill. You cannot expect the whole world to think like you now can you? It’s a free world and everyone should have a free say on this now, right? There might be ~60 ppl who thinks this song is great, but you haven’t heard what the majority of the Malaysians think about this song yet now have you? So let the guy have his say.

    And one more thing, do mind your language. I must say, what Law Jern Han says is true…the way you’re behaving - you are just bring down what the artistes are trying to achieve. Chill. :)

  66. 66 admin

    ok JIH, please cool it. i just popped in to have a look and must say that i too disagree with his views (but then i would, given that i am responsible for this site). :-) but people do have a right to disagree with anything on offer here.

    my advice to people who think this site is vague is very simple: read the faq, failing which, read on…

    this is a simple project. the idea is to make a song about racial togetherness. then make a video about it. then give both out for free. other than that, there is nothing. so there is no need to clutter things up just to look ’sophisticated’. there is also no need to over-read anything. what u see here is truly what you get.

    still, thankfully, the vast majority like what we have done (the guava joke seems to be everyone’s favorite). but people do have the right not to like it, and some - sadly - don’t. but that’s life.

    disagreement is good. it keeps everyone sharp.

    rock on.


  67. 67 admin


    this site is not moderated normally, but i will delete posts if things get out of hand.

    look people, this thing MAFU has done isn’t rocket science. having seen it from the inside, i have no doubt everyone involved is sincere and passionate about our country. and i have no doubt the messages expressed here are just as sincere (though a tad over passionate in JIH’s case… *nudge*). 14,000 files download in 5 days shows loads of malaysians feel the same way. we have that in common. so let’s just stay with that.. ok?

    oh, and if anyone feel the song is crap - that’s ok too. i personally can’t stand mariah carey and corporate looking web designs. but that’s just me.

    be nice now… :-)

    peace out

  68. 68 NDRU

    hi admin and all,

    Believe it or not i do respect you guys a lot for the effort.i have to say you guys rock you see.You can call me half honest or whatsoever, but me and God know best.

    I am not here to condemn or belittle any of your team effort.what i am trying to do is to share my thoughts (everyone has one).i was shocking to see how JIH reacted in this whole situation, really. This is not what we want to achieve (as per Law Jern Han) mention.If i or we cant share our thoughts, why in the first place we have our own mind.God made us all special,sometimes too special.

    It surely proud that 14000 downloads over the 5 days and i hope that all 14000 of them loves this song. Will be great if Maxis uses this song as a caller ringtone, but it should be free, just like this entire project.Who know what the future holds for MAFU.

    Again, admin salute u and ur crew on this project.Send my regards to Pete. Drop me a mail if you have anything to say. Someday we might crosspath as i am from the same industry too and some of those involves are my friends.

    To all Malaysians,read and decide, agree or disagree, its all up to you. I might be the only one thinking this way, but somehow this is what i think and i am proud of it.Everything is changing, accept changes or be left behind. Think aloud..

    Salam Sejahtera Malaysia..Nite


    p/s: hope MU wins

  69. 69 JIH

    Thanks for the calm way you handled that, geek (what the hell is your real name?). I did not mean to undermine all that MAFU is standing for. And if I have done that, I sincerely apologize to those wonderful artistes and behind-the-scene people who made this wonderful project possible.

    Well, I am sorry for that outburst Jern Han & NDRU. I would just like to say that these MAFU guys have done an amazing thing - and that I cannot believe people can find it in themselves to nit-pick about a project that has been put together under zero-budget circumstances.

    To be honest, I find ‘Here In My Home’ a little below the compositional and lyrical quality of Pete’s work in ‘Rustic Living’ and ‘Television’ - in that it is almost too accessible. While his other works invite the listener to use their imagination, ‘Here’ seems to spoon-feed too much. But I make allowance for the fact that ‘Here’ was not written as a personal song and therefore must be more readily accessible. To me, this underlines the superb craft this man has as a songwriter. IMO, he is the best we’ve got.

    Again, I am sorry. Please delete my earlier post if you want, geek.

  70. 70 Law Jern Han

    I’m glad you saw the error of your ways.

  71. 71 Mae

    If you have come across this website by some advertising on the website URL, perhaps you wouldn’t be bothered to google for more information.

    Unlike me, I googled it after hearing it on the radio by chance. And I clicked every single page and read everything (except Bulletins’ “read more” links as I would expect all sorts of comments and congratulations) for info and I’ve already grasped what this whole project is all about, who are involved etc. So maybe whoever who said it’s too vague, you should try to read through the website again before you throw a statement such as that. Otherwise, consult Google and look for an NST article which provides concise version of this project. By then I’d say you should have a very clear idea.

    To admin:
    1. Can we have more “visible” link format styling? At the moment, it’s kind of hard to differentiate normal >contentlinks.< Pls? Kthx

    3. If you have the time, can we have a Facebook Group page too? That would be a fantastic way to spread the message to friends and Malaysians in overseas as well. And not to mention that the act of joining the FB Group would be somewhat equivalent to joining a cause! Pls? Kthx :D
    Woo~! Go go geek and team :)

  72. 72 admin


    i think is pretty safe to say that the folks who downloaded those 14,000 files (almost 15,000 now) took the trouble because they like it. don’t you? :-)
    as for maxis, thanks for the well-wishing. I believe I overheard something about that in our meeting the other… oops…

    stay tuned.

  73. 73 NDRU

    JIH, i m totally cool with it. You must be a big fan of Pete huh :) thats why you get all so worked up :).I like his music too but u are a greater fan for sure.I know what Pete are capable off, so i was suprise with this outcome. I am sure if there is another project of this sort,the end product will be better and will have a greater impact on all Malaysians.
    Again JIH, i was trying to be constructive if you read carefully what i have posted but maybe you took it differently :)maybe we human must take critism in a more positive manner. In me i will always think that this is a great effort even if this song is 100x worst off. Like ppl say, its thought that matters.

  74. 74 admin

    jih - no need to delete friend. i’ll leave it there as a reminder that people who love their country and have that common hope in their home should be civil even in disagreement.


    and i’ll let u have a bite of the guava if you stay good from now. :-)

    mae - will look at the link issue tomorrow. as for FB and other assorted social networking sites, they are on the cards - though as i’ve said elsewhere - having radio play the song on the super high rotation (as it has been doing) actually CREATE (see, my caps work) more work for us. i promise we’ll have something up soon. cool?

    in the mean time, other things take priority - such as air-ing of our ‘making of’ and assorted community outreach programs that our media partners have suggested. i hope we’ll be in the position to announce some exciting news very soon.

    so stay tuned, people.

  75. 75 Mae

    Hmm.. that’s odd.. my words were eaten by the guava.

    I actually typed this:

    To admin:
    1. Can we have more “visible” link format styling? At the moment, it’s kind of hard to differentiate normal content from >links<

    2. Can we have an enhanced version of the lyric where it shows who is the artiste singing for a particular line (except chorus)? That’s cos I could only tell “it’s J.Lo’s line” in his part but am totally clueless about the rest of the song :P Pls? Kthx

    3. If you have the time, can we have a Facebook Group page too? That would be a fantastic way to spread the message to friends and Malaysians in overseas as well. And not to mention that the act of joining the FB Group would be somewhat equivalent to joining a cause! Pls? Kthx :D

  76. 76 admin

    mae - guava is naughty. that’s why the warning in the front page. let me say again - leave it alone… :-)

    the answer to your second question is ‘yes’. will put something up as a guide to who sang what when we can… but for now - please accept this as a compromise:

    reshmonu + jaclyn [the fall in... fall in bit]
    jason lo
    nikki + suki + melina [the doo doo bit]
    klg swqad

    then group

  77. 77 admin

    oh and NDRU, i believe you mentioned something about our banners not being focused in terms of design. there is a very simple reason for that:

    1. MAFU is not interested in empire building. as far as i can understand, this is very much a one-off project. the aim is to encourage spin-off projects that are similar in spirit to this but which many (if not all) of the participants will have little or nothing to do with. we do our bit, the folks out there hopefully will do theirs. then we go back to our normal lives.

    and therefore:

    2. all our banners are designed by various volunteers. the is no brief to the ‘commission’. just do what they feel is right. hence, the different ‘look’. we happen to think it is a cool thing.


  78. 78 NDRU

    Cool…good job to the volunteers..
    i got my answer now.

  79. 79 NDRU

    If you have come across this website by some advertising on the website URL, perhaps you wouldn’t be bothered to google for more information.

    Unlike me, I googled it after hearing it on the radio by chance. And I clicked every single page and read everything (except Bulletins’ “read more” links as I would expect all sorts of comments and congratulations) for info and I’ve already grasped what this whole project is all about, who are involved etc. So maybe whoever who said it’s too vague, you should try to read through the website again before you throw a statement such as that. Otherwise, consult Google and look for an NST article which provides concise version of this project. By then I’d say you should have a very clear idea.

    Google is the most common used SE and i safely think most people will come from there. to come from an ad is rather low in terms of chance. If are lucky if you can read all related article coz maybe you have time,but not all of us.
    I said vague in terms of lyrics not the entire project.


  80. 80 admin


    to elaborate further, MAFU’s ethos ISN’T about focused branding and ‘corporate’ imaging. we made a song and a video - its no rocket science (most of the participants do that for a living) - and we don’t think it will gain us anything more than the satisfaction to say ‘we’ve done our bit’. but that is the POINT of it all. we did it for nothing more than love for a place we all live in.

    people out there may find this sort of idealism hard to believe - especially given the country’s political history - and many are cynical about precisely that - but i do know as a fact that the passion and the sincerity of the group is real. i cannot tell you many things because i can’t - but i can say that the team has turned away political endorsements and other overtures as soon as this project broke the news. why? because in this particular instance, everyone is interested in no more than presenting a modest gift to the country, that is all.

    therefore, other than for reasons of space constraint, you will not find photographs of the stars here because to do so would immediately undermine the acknowledgement for the people working behind the scene (who arguably work harder on the video and song). you will not find glamour shots of the artistes singing into a mic during recording because this is not about bling bling. you don’t even find the project logo on this site - because there is no reason for it.

    lastly, if you look carefully, the camera did not move an inch in the video (bar one scene - which is equally static). why? because to move the camera dynamically (through tracking and zooms for instance) is to immediately lie and glamorize the subjects. we are not interested in that. we are interested in real warmth and honesty. so the camera did not move. the implication here is this - if the artistes were boring, then they would look boring. if they were cool then they would look cool. whatever the case, they would not get help from the camera. this way, we captured what actually happened - not what was MADE to look as though it happened.

    you might think that this is obscure and unnecessarily strange. but we believe the risk that yasmin and yuhang took paid off. judging by the overwhelming response from the public so far, people get it (though they may not articulate it in this sort of insider jargon). you see, people know instinctively that you can’t fake your eyes. and if they find honesty there, they (if they looked) will response to it with their common humanity. next time you watch the video, try and concentrate on the people’s eyes. there is no lie there. and that’s the proudest thing we have done. and i would argue that it is precisely the thing that the people who have downloaded the 15,000 files are responding to.

    still not convinced? then contrast and compare previous official efforts to make such videos and songs. despite ‘hollywood’ camera treatment, they feel so dead by comparison. because there is no passion in it. it feels faked. and people have grown so cynical and tired of that.

    and as for your claim of ‘vagueness’ in the lyrics (i disagree by the way - i think these are probably the most accessible lyrics pete will ever write - we just received a request from a group of secondary school kids in Kuantan to sing it in their project) - the answer is this: “we must show. we must not tell.” the basic premise here is that most malaysians know what we are talking about. if we were to ‘tell it directly’, then it is patronizing and people will not respond (i know i wouldn’t). we prefer to show what we mean. hence the video and the way the directors handled it.

    so there we have it. the answer to almost ALL you questions is this: we try to keep it simple. like the video and the song. like this site. because love is a simple thing. no point making it complicated.

    and simplicity is so so underrated in our land.

  81. 81 NeKo

    cool song for my ringtone…
    hope this song will be available
    as a caller tune soon… :)

  82. 82 aZLaN

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. That’s how I put it. Congrats to everyone involved. My heart melts everytime it’s on air. Yes, this is MY HOME, OUR HOME!! and we should be proud of it.

  83. 83 alexlim

    Gambatte Guys…

    Full Support for MAFU!!!

  84. 84 yungszen

    Uploaded into my blog!! Great effort everyone! You got my support!!

  85. 85 faweena

    this is like my first music by malaysians that i like rofl.

  86. 86 mummyei

    This is a good effort to portrays malaysian unity. However, what lacking for me is why there is no female artist with hijab involve in this clip. Coz for me the video lacks the image of Malaysia as a muslim country. That is the only cons for me. The rest good work!

  87. 87 admin


    yes we agree with you. but it was not an intentional omission. we did try but could not find any who (i) could meet our schedule; and (2) could sing english comfortably. as said in the faq, afdlin shauki is looking to produce a predominantly malay version of this song in which we hope to rectify that.

    please be patient. :)

  88. 88 Mae

    Big thanks to admin for your time and reply.

    The list of artistes >> thank you. that would be sufficient :) The link styling >> no worries. can wait :) The FB and other social networking sites >> will patiently wait :P

    To NDRU:
    I didn’t have time to click on all the results. From my googling, I only clicked on two links: MAFU’s and NST’s. And clicking on NST link was by chance - didn’t realise it was a goldmine of info :)
    And apologies for making reference of your statement to the wrong subject; aka the project. The lyrics is fine. Like the admin said, the simpler the better chance it has to reach out to more people. Even for a cynic like me, it hit straight through me.

    The message is spread in the form of idealism, and the vagueness in the lyrics allows for more than one interpretation. Kids can relate to it because they are brought up to be idealists; partly due to the our society and the need to accommodate to all. So while some are making sure that we maintain where we are - ie “divisionalised”, “bumiputera / non bumiputera”, “quota-rised based on racial number for entry into public sector/university etc” - some are trying to bridge this division and bring everyone together via the warmth of feeling. This is what MAFU is trying to do - to connect all of us via emotion that we feel when we listen to the song and watch the video. And there’s no need to be too analytical; take the song as it is.

    TBH, changing the whole nation’s outlook on racial harmony, is gonna take a looooong time. 50 years since Merdeka and we’ve come this far, to me, it’s not good enough. So hopefully, with this song picking up its momentum and generating a lot more spirit of unity, our politicians would be swayed to actually dedicate more effort to close our racial gap.


  89. 89 Mae

    I so agree with faweena :P
    /this is like my first music by malaysians that i like rofl./ lol

  90. 90 admin


    damn. you said more and better in one paragraph than we did in 6 weeks of burning candles at both ends. you should come work on this. i go eat the guava instead. :D

  91. 91 alex

    come on guys …… love and peace …. that’s the objective right

  92. 92 Mr Dino

    lurv teh ideas~~ ^____^
    dats awesum

  93. 93 Ms Q

    I had attach the banner to my blog, n had download the song..

    All the best toward unity, Malaysia really really need that!

  94. 94 Mae

    urm, I’m flattered lol :) I won’t mind lending a hand :)

  95. 95 VerbatimCries

    I’ve Embedded this video in my blog! I’ve even spread to all my friends =)

    Love (all of you ppl) your work!

    Thank you! and please make more =)

  96. 96 Safwan

    Hey there….

    Just downloaded the song, video and embedded the video in my blog!

    May God bless u all….

    It’s some kick-ass tune you produced there!

  97. 97 admin

    mae - we just might pop u an email if things gets crazier around here.

    thanks to all for the lovely messages. keep it spreading. :-D

    safwan - glad u like the stuff. your link isn’t working here. please let us know your url so we can link ya. :)

  98. 98 Ashraf

    This has got to be the most beautiful thing anyone has done for Malaysia lately. Good job. Cheers!

  99. 99 danielliew

    I, for once, support this project and has shown my greatest support by placing the banner as my blog’s header. Linked me up as well, fellow Malaysians.

  100. 100 Jaja

    You guys had done a great effort. Thanks for the effort.

    Really loves the video and all the people involves in it.

    I’ve downloaded the video and embedded it in my blog.

    Great job!!!

  101. 101 Booby

    This song is awesome.

    Its so great to see so many local artistes joining hands to put up this MV.

    Ive been listening to this song repeatedly, although its not as good compare to other pop songs, but it conveys a very deep meaning. And that’s what makes a song so beautiful.

    I’m so touch when i knew that the budget was Zero. How wonderful =). I truly wish our politicians were like that too.

    Hope there will be a second video coming up ^^,

    Good Job everyone,

    p/s: I’ve put up this website’s ad on my blog.

  102. 102 Su Ann
  103. 103 kang yong

    kudos pete…
    nice song and i love it. I set it as ring tone as well…
    looking forward for next song…


  104. 104 Jolyn Goh

    I’m proud to post it up in my blog ^^
    Cheers for the great job in producing this masterpiece.

  105. 105 nadz

    hye there …

    congrats … !

    i hv attach the banner n video in my blog …
    its was a nice song …

    Love - all of you
    - n your work!

  106. 106 mikey


    What a moaning twat you are. Ppl do all the hard work and all you is sit at home and give some half-assed stupid patronising bullshit about not understanding the lyrics that even school kids can understand. You should be ashamed of yourself. Pathetic.


    Comment by JIH — May 22, 2008 @ 8:12 am #


    I was checking out NDRU\’s blog when I read this. I guess he\’s not all that sincere about his apologies now is he? Again, isn\’t this a free world to disagree? Why can\’t we all just agree to disagree? You know what…we can still unite despite the disagreement…everyone has a different opinion or rather, everyone has their rights of voicing out their opinions now…don\’t they? What\’s wrong with that? Hmmm…

    I didn\’t know that we weren\’t allow to have a separate preference or opinion. Coz if we do, we have ppl like JIH to leave such a message in one\’s blog…I guess that\’s who we Malaysians really are now…hmmmmm…*sigh*

  107. 107 admin


    you seem to have your sequence of events wrong. as far as i can understand, JIH responded in Andrew’s post before he apologized here. thus the apology here was for his over-the-top response. and the issue is over soon as he apologized.

    your are right - everyone has a right to their opinion. andrew had his, and JIH has his too. they disagreed. JIH was a little hard - but the fat jokes in andrew’s post isn’t exactly subtle. issue is over soon as apology was accepted. please do not raise it again, or i’ll delete.

    same to you Andrew.

    be nice.


  108. 108 NDRU

    why was my comment deleted?

  109. 109 mikey


    fair enough. my bad. I apologize for being a little worked up. Delete if you must.


  110. 110 admin

    no problems mike. the nature of the net is that people tend to do things they wouldn’t necessarily do in real life. we all just need to be a little less emotive. try touching the damn guava and you’ll see how emotive i can get. :-P

    NDRU, i deleted it because it escalated an argument which has been resolved.

  111. 111 malehe

    a very good effort. but after watching the video on youtube i do agree that the lyrics are very vague and does not fit the message of this project.

    well done for the effort

  112. 112 ops

    wat i can say is MAFUKI… -.-” sweat! the lyric totally got no meaning…

  113. 113 admin

    NDRU / malehe - imping is bad nettique. it is better to post with one handle dude. your views have been acknowledged and debated. let’s not confuse people here.

  114. 114 ops

    admin, make sure u dun delete my comment! everyone has a right to voice up. dun asked ppl to leave a msg..if u cant accept it. thanks…….
    i like the video,nice one. but lyric..sXcks -.- sorry

  115. 115 admin

    ops - you are entitled to your views. others are entitled to disagree with you. as long as ppl behave sensibly, nobody needs to be deleted.

  116. 116 admin

    please note:

    imping in netspeak is to impersonate or pretend to be some other poster(s) by posting the same view with another handle. this is normally done by ppl who try to dress up their views as though many are in support. it has been done for as long as the net has existed and regarded to be extremely bad nettique. this is especially a bad idea when an active admin / moderator is involved because s/he can see ip addresses and incoming path of all posters, and can therefore spot an imp.

    please desist or i’ll ban - not for differences of views, which is never a problem on here - but for manipulation. sorry for the harsh tone. but i’d like to keep this forum civil and honest.

    thanks for your co-operation.

  117. 117 malehe

    Admin, i need to be silly by faking myself as malehe eventho i know u will probably know is ndru via my IP but i have no choice bcoz of the undemocratic nature of this website.

    Did i say anything that is not suppose to say here? Keep it open.
    Dont call yourself or this place honest when you decide what are meant to be heard only by deleting things you dislike.you obviously want what is good for this song. read comments on youtube.many do think like me.

  118. 118 oys

    It’s definitely a great group initiative, and I applaud you, the rojak mix of Malaysian artistes who came together to make a song, video clip, and even a website. You weren’t obliged nor paid to do it, yet you did it anyhow to spread your message of love, unity and anti-racism. It makes me proud to see the true selfless Malaysian spirit well and alive. That said, the lyrics were a little hit-and-miss for me, as I felt that message was diluted with clichés ie, ‘push back sister won’t you push back’; ‘I’m strong you ain’t heavy’, they didn’t seem to go hand-in-hand with the core message of the song. And to nitpick, why ‘stony ground’? One might not have anticipated such huge response to the zero-budget project, but the word has definitely spread like wildfire. Hence, I felt that the lyrics could have been more contextual, to be meaningful not only to Malaysians but to the international listeners as well. I’ve been surprised that many people I’ve met here in Italy can sing the catchy tune of Malaysia, Truly Asia, so maybe they’ll be singing to the tune of Here in My Home next. But otherwise I would be proud to do my part to spread the word of your hard work to all my friends here! Keep up the good work.

  119. 119 admin

    NDRU / Malehe / Andrew [same person],

    as i said before (do read), nobody gets deleted as long as they behave sensibly. most active admins delete imps because they kill real discussions on forums.

    now to your allegation of the ‘undemocratic nature of this site’:

    please name me one instance where i have deleted for differences of opinion. you can’t, cos i don’t. tolerance for differences of views is the standard moderation policy here and on youtube.

    look, you had an argument with JIH the other night while using the handle NDRU. he was harsh and apologized. you accepted. i thought the issue was over until tonight, when you posted a message escalating the argument for no apparent reason. I deleted that because whatever that goes on between you and JIH since that night has nothing to do with this site. if you two insist on having a fight, then please take it elsewhere.

    still, you later came back and imp’ed as ‘Maleha’ - and posted a message pretending to be a supporter of your own views. so I deleted that too, as all good admins would. you later owned up to your duplicity [thank you] but then disclaimed it by alleging that this site is somehow ‘undemocratic’. and now we are here…

    please understand this. i am not new at this and i have always kept clean and fair sites. this will be no different. you are welcomed to continue posting your views here the same with everyone else. some may agree with you but others may not. whatever it is, please accord the same respect you demand for yourself to people who may disagree with you. and please keep it clean and straight forward - which means, amongst other things, no imping.

    lastly, you seem to be blaming my moderation policy for ‘muzzling’ you and (supposedly) others. please do not do that as that is not true. i do understand that you have a point to make - something which was indeed published here and has been discussed by a few posters since. i also understand that your views may well be shared by others real or imagined. but please do not blame this site just because the majority posting on here (or on youtube) do not agree with you. the MAFU video was the 7th most viralled video in the world this past week according to Metro newspaper of the UK. we can’t fake or muzzle our way to that. nor can we fake the over 300 links made to this site in merely 6 days. this means a lot of people, despite the project’s many flaws, relate to it. that also means you should not be too surprised to be in the minority. but that’s ok because being minority does not necessarily mean your are wrong.


    andrew - i regret the harsh tone. but we are all tired and i really should be spending time with better things than breaking up fights between keyboard warriors. as you can yourself attest, this is a good effort. the team would be the first to admit that it is not a perfect effort. but we made the best of what we had and deserve a bit of maturity. as i said on the night you and JIH were having a disagreement - by all means post and have differences in opinion - but please keep it civil and keep it fair. or i will delete.

    thanks for your co-operation.

  120. 120 summerbee

    I am studying in the UK. So love the project! Proud of you guys and keep it coming!!!

  121. 121 chris

    i love my home, and i love how easily you guys can come together and work on a massive project like this with no budget. its quite a statement, and i’m really proud of malaysian artistes. banner and video up on my blog too!

  122. 122 kw

    i\’m so happy…..when i first saw it on TV.

    Actually…this is one of my dream…which all malaysian singer/actor/director/celebrity join force together to make or produce
    our own MV……

    Thanks….to all the M.A.F.U member….


  123. 123 kw

    i sure will try my best to spread out the “Here Is My Home” MV to my fren & others

  124. 124 Melissa

    hey i’ve put the download link, the video and the banner in my blog!!! A must-share with all the blog readers, malaysians and other people in the world. I really really love this song. So much effort and love put into it. Song of the century! =D I love my home, Malaysia. You guys rox!!=DD

  125. 125 afams-chan

    Hi there! I’m so proud of those who had be in the team of making Mafu. Congratulation for the effort! I coudnt find any words that can describe that u guys had made a great job! I’ve attached the video in my blog (i’m bog supporter of mafu!) Once again, well done!!

  126. 126 Bentoh

    Hmmm… got no idea why people complaint about the lyrics which is so meaningful… :/

    Great video Great effort… :D

  127. 127 daniel

    Great effort. I think the best award that Pete Teo, Yasmin and Ho Yuhang can get is for this song & video to be adopted as the National Day 2008 theme song instead of the usual crap we get year after year.

    This song deserves all the airtime RTM, TV3, ntv7 and 8TV can give. Finally, we can have a National Day song which can give Singapore’s a run for their money!

  128. 128 Abby Izhar

    hi there….i’ve posted the video in my blog already. first heard the song from my hubby and video shown by my collegue. It was nice to see malaysian doing sumthing like this. will keep supporting any of your malaysian project and hoping by posted it in my blog you will get more supporter.

    Good luck and congratulations.

    Abby Izhar

  129. 129 Safwan


    the url is http://www.oopsmytonguslipped.blogspot.com

    if it’s still not working tell me eh..?
    sorry if my long url caused u so much trouble… XD

  130. 130 admin

    safwan, your url leads no an error page. sure you got it typed right?

  131. 131 Rozita

    Well done! Well done! Luv d song. It creates d nation unity spirit in its own unique way!

  132. 132 Rozita

    Oh ya one more thing, I forgot to mention..I’ve posted & distributed this webpage to my Facebook friends. I think you guys should have 1 fan page for this in FB.

  133. 133 admin

    rozita - there is a FB group page for Malaysian Artistes For Unity. Search for it. See ya there. :-)

  134. 134 nazura89

    that was cool song for us,Malaysian.and for others to check us up.
    spread some love.
    spread some peace.

    I’ve attached the music video in my blog!

    <3 nazura89.blogspot.com

  135. 135 faweena

    me love love love love love the song. roflmao.

  136. 136 choco

    Hey ya’ll!

    Great effort in promoting peace in the country especially during these rather tiring time. :)
    I’ve embedded it onto my blog.


    rock on you guys!

  137. 137 Raja Hanim

    My salute to all who produced and performed Here in My Home. I love the song, the theme, the spirit and passion contributed by all in building it into a media for all to enjoy.

    I hope to share this video and song with my friend who runs a kindergarten in U10 Shah Alam. We want the children to sing, at least the chorus if not the full song, during their concert performance in Oct 2008. Wish these kids good luck.


  138. 138 JS

    Good job to all those who put their unconditional efforts for this piece of fine music and expression…
    Anymore in the pipeline? I posted it on my Facebook cos i loved the song and message.. and actually had friends who looked u up before i even got to it..

  139. 139 tayo

    great song MAFU! hope to see more from u guys!
    i have added u guys on facebook and added the video clip in my blog.
    here is the link http://tayoindesign.blogspot.com/
    Go MAFU!

  140. 140 tayo

    great song MAFU! hope to see more from u guys!
    i have added u guys on facebook and added the video clip in my blog.
    here is the link http://tayoindesign.blogspot.com/
    Go MAFU! love the song very much! i heart here in my home!

  141. 141 ilmondo

    Dear all,

    This is one great song! i know i\’m really really late sending this, but its better late than never. i mean.. wow! we all know that unity is important but nowadays, there are not many people who initiates this kinda thing. Besides, peace and unity thru music is good.. it has most of d languages.. WOW! heard it quite some time ago but didnt get d title at 1st.. THIS IS GREAT DUDE.. hoping for more to come.. surely gonna support this.. if possible, i wanna make this d song for my upcoming orientation committee in my campus!!



  142. 142 admin

    raja hanim,

    such a wonderful idea you have. please record or video the kids singing it and we’ll post it up for everyone to see. Ok?

    i’m looking forward to seeing that.

  143. 143 Razali

    I’m enjoy watching those videos.
    I’m sure more to come from another version of video feedback at youtube, got so many talented today.

    Anyway, I’ve put link to Unity video in my blog

    Congratulations guys!

  144. 144 zying.

    great great song. i love it! i posted it in my blog :D

  145. 145 zying.

    great great song. i love it! i’ve posted it in my blog :D keep it up yoooo ;)

  146. 146 em

    Fabulous song.. MAFU….Awesome. I’ve attached the music video in my blog. Wish you guys the best… GOD BLESS YOU

  147. 147 shakeera

    I added you guys at my blog too…

    [a wannabe me wanna try singing it LOL]

    [the first post :)]

    hope you guys release more songs in the future..
    my brother actually wrote a beautiful song..
    i said to him to try and send it to you guys..
    but he\’s to shy to show his work to you guys LOL

  148. 148 marcus

    I feel so touch, my eyes wet with tear after hearing it!!
    It is a such a nice song!!

    Here In My Home!!

  149. 149 kw

    why….the “admin” ONLY REPLY To Girl….WHY????

  150. 150 Johnny B. Rempit

    For your next project, how about a collaboration about the environment? We must do something about the environment too. That is an issue that is very important.

    “To ignore this issue is deeply unethical” - Al Gore

  151. 151 admin

    kw - are you a girl? :-P

  152. 152 admin

    rempit - we’ll try. not easy to do this all the time. :)

  153. 153 Safwan

    I\’m not sure..
    but the recent one seems to be working though…

    sumtimes my own blog url slips from my mind…
    even have to browse my history…XD

  154. 154 admin


    haha. well, tell us the one that works and we’ll get you linked.k?

  155. 155 KeeWai

    Congrats on the great work done! Keep on the good work!
    Indeed,its a right time to rejuvanate the true Malaysian spirit,no colours,no religion,nothing,only Malaysian.

  156. 156 Sabrina

    haloo…greetings from aus =)
    aaawww….congrats on d great effort of project.i shud say its very successful.its juz awesome n i like it.keep it up =)
    i’ve embedded d video n banner in my blog -> http://myownmindismyownchurch.blogspot.com

    hope it helps \(^.^)/

  157. 157 Ushna

    Hey guys!

    I totally love this idea! And the song is fantastic. I have friends from all walks of life and we really enjoy the friendship bonds that we hold.

    I’ve embedded your cool video in my blog and also put a link to this website! check it out here : http://norulushna.blogspot.com

    Keep up the good work.. I’m definitely feeling the love…

  158. 158 stef

    Hey ya!
    Awesome, awesome! i love this song! Sitting for my finals next week and this is the only song i’ve been listening to. :)

  159. 159 yhoong

    Very nice… guys n gals.. thanks…

    “no matter where i roam here is in home sweet home”

    I will cherish that always..

  160. 160 shu-yin

    i support the project…it is such a good cause. and the song is ok too. but i also think the lyrics are too vague. if i did not stumble across MAFU, i would not know the meaning of the song. this is what i think. thanks.

  161. 161 yun yi

    I lurve this song very muchh!!! Currently addicted to it. Already embedded in my blog too. Beautiful song indeed!


    -spreading the love-

  162. 162 eMCee

    Support local artists.. support Malaysia! awesome piece.. makes me feel more at home after watching. =)

  163. 163 admin

    above all linked. thanks!! :-)

  164. 164 Calvin

    Kudos to the production team of this great project.
    And it doesn’t come at any better time ;) I love this song as much as I love Malaysia.

    Ohh yea, I have embedded this song in my blog already too ^^

    ~A Malaysian Boy~

  165. 165 Man-D

    U guys RAWK! I love the song very much and the video clip too! Done my part by posting it in my blog…

  166. 166 Safwan

    the second one seems to be working….XD

    thx again for everything..
    hope every malaysians get the message..

  167. 167 admin

    cool. all above linked. keep working the thing guys. :-)
    have you guys checked out the maxis hotlink call ring tone yet? got to the bulletin for the news if you haven’t. pretty damn cool.

  168. 168 Hajar Alwi

    Brilliant idea.

    Managed to view the clip @ hitz tv & it struck me as a worthy effort to promote unity among the people in Malaysia. *In dire need of it…* Applauds to everyone involved. ^^

  169. 169 neo rantissi

    great video guys! two thumbs up!!! i would make it ten if i got ten thumbs. It’s a really great effort on uniting the community. Lets show the world how much we love our home Malaysia and we always can live together as one, as Malaysian despite multiple races and religions. I LOVE MALAYSIA!!! I’m gonna put the video on my friendster profile soon insyaAllah.

  170. 170 Lee Cheah Woon

    I’ve embed the MV from Youtube at both of my blogs which are http://notanangel83.blogspot.com and http://www.wretch.cc/blog/cheahwoon. Thank you alot for composing such a great song. It really meants alot.

  171. 171 boyboycute

    This song is great.Didn\’t know there are so many talented people in Malaysia.Unity is strength !

  172. 172 Fuzzimuzzi

    am in transition between F6 and Uni… feel compelled to be somebody… but circumstances just keep telling me that I should guard my own interests… I love Malaysia… but ppl around me don’t seem to… the music video really inspires me every time I’m down.. motivates me… shows me that there are many more Malaysians who love their country… thank you Malaysian artistes for unity… you are an inpiration.. =D

  173. 173 shuli

    Congratulations to Pete Teo for coming up with such brilliant idea and thumbs up to all Malaysians who supported this wonderful project.
    Here’s to Unity~

  174. 174 stephanie

    i have it in my blog as well!

    real great song you guys and gals…keep it up..

    makes me misses home even more…

    god bless!


  175. 175 faweena

    lawls, this song is stuck in my head.

  176. 176 For Better Unity

    I sincerely admit that this song is extremely good, thanks to Pete Teo and all Malaysian Artistes who have taken part. The lyrics are so meaningful yet easy to understand and the melody is so nice. Big thanks again to all the Malaysian Artistes, you all have done a bit for unity.

    While listening to this song, it touches my heart deep in it. I really hope that we will have such activity/event again in future. At this time, we really need something like this to serve as booster for us. Life is tough yet we still have to carry on; I believe that we all Malaysians can make it through.

    Great song, great video, and Malaysia always BOLEH!!!

  177. 177 Aaron JL

    Uploaded the video in my blog too. Awesome job!
    Hope to hear/see more from u guys!!

    “From those who LOVE Malaysia To those who feel the same.”

  178. 178 SMK Sri Hartamas

    this is our home.

    lots of hugs + good karma to everyone who was in on this, on behalf of all SMK Sri Hartamas students. (esp the Form 3 students, since this song really helped to lift our heavy PMR-facing hearts. hehe.)

    you can count on us for support anytime, hehe
    (and.. SMKBB, SMK(P) Sri Aman, SMK Sri Sentosa, SMK Sri Saujana, Cempaka D’sara…. et cetera ;D)

  179. 179 pandeMOEneus

    this is something that we NEED in these very days, where the value of unity and love has faded, more and more each day.

    to those who are involved,


    well, at least we got something to show to the world:

    *sob sob*
    terharu ni!

    great work, guys. great one.

    peace and love from pandeMOEneus.

  180. 180 xy

    呢首歌令我冧起“Hand In Hand”,呢首歌系唯一一首响马来西亚大众播放过而又唔只英语、马来语、华语、淡米尔语四种语文版本嘅歌,只少仲有埋卡答山杜孙版本。只可惜,呢首只局限于沙巴播放,也因政治因素,依家已经完全被禁。
    所以,呢首歌有冇达到Malaysian Artistes For Unity嘅效应咧……我唔知道。但系我好肯定呢班MALAYAN Artistes嘅努力系可嘉嘅。好希望佢哋可以真真正正做番啲属于MALAYSIAN嘅歌。加油!

  181. 181 admin

    thanks everyone - all linked who have embedded. :-)

    xy - thanks for your support. i will reply in english so that everyone can read this also…

    it is untrue that this song is only for ‘west malaysia’ as you claim. just because our east malaysian brothers and sisters aren’t dressed in their traditional attire or singing in Kadazan does not mean east malaysia is not represented. for your information, pete teo, the producer of the project and songwriter of ‘here in my home’ is sabahan. so are jerome kugan and nikki palikat (kadazan). then jason lo, melina william, alex wong are all from sarawak.

    be that as it may, we cannot continue to think as a nation like separate people fighting to be ‘represented’ in some massive ethnically-split pie. the future has to be based on the willingness of all malaysian communities to fight for justice for all - and not for narrow communal interests. an injustice done to a kadazan should be an injustice done to a chinese and malay and indian etc. and vice versa. we are a long way from that ideal - but it is never too late to start. if enough people pull in that direction, we’ll get there someday. that’s what MAFU is about.

    please help us spread the word. :-)

  182. 182 damien

    Great song, great video, great effort. Keep it up guys, you’re making us proud.

  183. 183 kermit's

    first here the song.
    think that great project and hope u all make the big one next time.
    and clearly, we all support the action.

  184. 184 faweena


  185. 185 admin


  186. 186 colours

    i’ve already put the video in my blog! great job guys!

  187. 187 Annette

    i love i love i love! will definitely be putting this in my blog & facebook! great job guys!

  188. 188 Annette

    vid’s up on my blog… brilliant you guys!

  189. 189 eejane

    this one is for Malaysia.

    though i may be a thousand miles away, but my home is no where but Malaysia. the lyrics do speak my heart.

    never stop spearding the love.plenty.

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