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keep it closethis site has transmitted 21,000 downloads in 6 days. thank you for your support. we have just uploaded a couple of ringtones for you to download. they are in the ‘others’ section of the download page. keep supporting racial unity in our country by spreading the word!

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  1. 1 Mr Dino

    tq fer da lyric~~ ^___^
    but why pdf? simple txt file will do rite?
    hehe :E

  2. 2 admin

    will upload a word file version soon. thanks.

  3. 3 samantha

    great job~!!

    just discovered the video a few hours ago. ive attached the video and banners to my blog and im a malaysian situated in australia. so im hoping to spread it further and not just on malaysian blogs.


  4. 4 admin


    thanks so much! keep it going in oz and beyond. :-)

  5. 5 SilverIsle

    I’m a Malaysian in the land Down Under too! =)

    This song really makes me miss home.

    Also, not sure has anyone requested this. But I hope you can put up the guitar tabs for this song as well.

  6. 6 admin

    will do as soon as we get it from pete. stay tuned. subscribe to the news feed if you can. :)

  7. 7 SilverIsle

    Thanks for the swift reply.

    I’ve subscribed!

    Oh and I just read from the other page that I have to let you guys know if I’ve embedded the video.

    So yepz. I did! =D


    P/S: I hate it when I keep getting invalid security code.

  8. 8 admin

    silverisle - will link you now.

    about invalid security code - has that been a problem for anyone else?

  9. 9 Josh

    Is there anything else we bloggers can do?

  10. 10 nyrac

    hey there, am loving this video a lot! thanks for the great effort, and thanks for not charging a cent hehe ^^

    have embedded the video in my blog too, at
    http://jwnyrac.wordpress.com/2008/05/23/here-in-my-home/ =) cheers

  11. 11 admin


    bloggers can most help by just simply viralling the video and song as far and wide as possible. Put our links onto public forums - upload the song to music sharing portals - upload the video to video portals and so on. let leave us to do all the viralling work - cos we’re already too swamped to really take on much more.

    Other things you can do include make your own unity videos (using mobile or whatever) and post it up on youtube. Doing the same in music. We will help you do that soon - by making the music stems from the original song available for download so that folks can make their own versions of the song.

    take the ball and run with it. :D

  12. 12 hidayah

    i really love this!

    good job guys! ;)

  13. 13 Itch

    hey, what a great project. good job to everyone !

    thanks for the ringtones.

    neway, have embedded the video on my blog.

  14. 14 admin

    linked itch. :-)

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