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we’ve created a malaysian artistes for unity group on facebook. please come and join us. those of you who are on facebook already can get to the group page >here<. if you are not a member of facebook, you will need to join it first. join >here<. see ya soon!

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  1. 1 danielliew

    I\’ve joined you mafu.Cheers!

  2. 2 farah

    i love this song! even my friend in australia and USA also loves it and i tell u, they’re not malaysian nor asian. they’re white ppl. they even complemented on awie’s beautiful it is..

  3. 3 eklern

    well..sad to say my forum cannot enbed youtube but i still put up the banner in my siggy…
    support the song..
    hope to hear new songs as well..
    if u guys need help..i\’ll help as well.
    but fornow…fast fast join MAFU @ Facebook

  4. 4 RowenaC


    Studyin abroad often makes me think bout my home back in Msia and this video indeed spells out my feelings!! Great Job! and Fantastic singers~hope to hear more from mafu~!

  5. 5 kimgy

    how about friendster??
    anyway, i’ve joind the facebook is great!!

  6. 6 Mae

    w00t :D
    you guys are so amazing!!! thanks for the add!!!

  7. 7 Nadiah J

    Hey there! I really admire this project and wonder if you could put up Here In My Home in MySpace because stereotypically I’m a loyal user like so many other teenagers. Haha. Besides, this way I can add the song to my profile so I’d like to share the love there too! Please, please. :D

  8. 8 Ms Q

    Yeah, i had join in facebook and blog about this video in my blog oredy…Good job, hope to c more ppl joining to promote the project!
    Well Done!!!

  9. 9 admin


    please do - post the video up on your myspace and get your friends to all do the same. But please make sure that it is the youtube version so that your efforts register on the video’s youtube hit rate. Ok?

    We will have a myspace page soon. :-)

  10. 10 admin


    just upload the song to your myspace account - or have a friend with an artist account to do that. then just share the love. :-)
    we are so stretched here it might take a couple weeks for us to get to dealing with myspace.

  11. 11 Nana

    You know what would be cooler… if you gathered all the individuals of mix parentage and hear thier stories growing up and they will share with you what makes racism so sickening to them..

  12. 12 wendy

    found here is my home group in facebook!

  13. 13 alvinwkf

    I have posted this video in friends’ Facebook. I hope this video will be known by all malaysian. Malaysian for Malaysian.

  14. 14 Claire

    la la la~ it’s on my profile too n on my buletin.. :)

  15. 15 izza imran

    i LOVE ur song….ur video clip
    hope u will put on myspace soon!!

  16. 16 admin

    thanks ppl. make sure you sent out invites to your friends on FB to join the group ok? :D

  17. 17 Faiz

    Joined MAFU today! Proudly said! Yeeha!

  18. 18 NeKo

    Yihaa!! Joined MAFU on FB!! =^_^=

  19. 19 admin

    thank you guys! :-)

  20. 20 Jamuuna

    This is so amazing!!! I live in a nation that is one yet so divided. We all call ourselves Malaysians yet the feeling is not genuinely shared by many. I heard ‘Here in My Home’ and am proud to call myself a Malaysian simply because my nation has visionaries who want to create a home for all. Thank You

    I am so going to post your video in my blog!!!

  21. 21 Simon

    “Nothing is trivial. May it be big or small, you guys did it and Malaysians appreciates it. Keep it up!”

    Joined MAFU on FB today! being part of the giving!


  22. 22 admin

    thanks guys, do let me know the url to your sites when u have embedded the video or banners. :-)

  23. 23 Dian

    I give you guys props because I think the song has a \"unity\" and \"Malaysia\" feel to it, and not just that but like… something old, something new, something for the future, something from the heart, something we all know which is \"Malaysia\"– great big kudos to Pete Teo for the fantastic song, a tall order, in other words, a contemporary classic– what else, .. whoever decided Afdlin should sing is a genius, does he have an album out I don\’t know about?.. And his screen presence is quite riveting .. not a big fan of Awie but mighty impressed with the performance– love love LOVE the video, it\’s so Malaysian ie…. whimsical and… retarded .. hahahahaha

  24. 24 Ck

    thank you for the freebies and GOOD JOB.

  25. 25 hitsu_chan

    the best song ever!!!!!!!! i like it very very much…hope the mafu will do the same for next year…good job MAFU…

  26. 26 admin

    thanks for that guys. keep spreading the word.. k? :-)

  27. 27 Tze Wei

    Thanks for the song.It is an inspiration not just to me but to the whole nation.I been trying to spread it anyway.hehe~!! =) *peace*

  28. 28 admin

    :-) thanks TW.

  29. 29 dayme

    1st thing 1st, congratulations on your great job publishing a great catchy song! I’m in the UK and my bf told me about the song. I totally fell in love the 1st time I heard it, and I still do!
    2ndly, I’ve embedded your music video (the youtube version) into my blog. I have to say I LOVE LOVE the video! Yey!
    I can’t hardly wait to be back in Malaysia!!


  30. 30 erikaquah

    ya! love this song! who doesnt la~~
    who wrote the lyrics? nice one~

  31. 31 Xavier

    Man… I never know that Malaysia That Rock…
    Making such song… I hope there’s more song coming out…
    Hope to hear for the news…
    One Love Is All About!!!
    Live Together,Grow Together & Stay Strong Together!!!
    Keep On Going All Malaysian!!!
    Make a Better Place for Living…

  32. 32 -Peter-

    This is the best thing thats happened to the Malaysian Community since Merdeka…artists working together do something as good as this should be happening around the world…but I guess we beat them to it!! I hope you guys come up with many many more inspiring/fun/easy-on-the-ears/crazy songs!! If i were agung i would give you guys 2 thumbs way-WAY up!! KEEP IT UP YOU GUYS N GILRS!!


  33. 33 ann

    hey… nice song !!! BRAVO to our malaysian for this great achievement!!!

  34. 34 admin

    thanks everyone!

    erika - pete teo wrote the song. his official website is

  35. 35 hasnan

    dear mafu,
    thanks a lot for producing the song “here in my home”.
    love malaysia….

  36. 36 Michelle

    Hullo MAFU

    This song is a good start, looking forward to hear more.


  37. 37 tutu5

    I just wonder how you guys know my blog has posted the Here In My Home MV….thanks…
    always support you guys :)

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