we love this!

tomatowe love this beautiful acapella version of ‘here in my home’ sung by blogger nekocafe (discovered and submitted by muid latif). great job! nekocafe, if you are seeing this, do one with visuals, can? to everyone else, please go and make your own versions - then post it up on youtube and here. let’s have some fun. :-)

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  1. 1 Josh

    Good effort, can be improved though.

  2. 2 Josh

    Good effort, can be improved though.

  3. 3 admin

    oh don’t be so harsh Josh. Ha. Sure it is not perfect. But it takes courage and this has plenty. Highly commendable for the sweetness alone. :-)

  4. 4 FaReEz

    hw do i embed the song on myspace??

  5. 5 admin

    which version of the song Fareez?

    to embed the youtube video, just click on ‘menu’ below. to embed nekocafe’s cover version, do the same at the ‘menu’ above:

  6. 6 Justin

    I\’ve leave one in YouTube! This song rocks!! Woohoo!!!

  7. 7 khairuldzaim

    damn i luv the song! the song rocks!! love it!! my sis show me the vids last nite n seriously i get touched by u ppl.. doing so much wthout demanding any payment.. u guys did a lot more for our nation unity than others.. very good afford!!damn.. i luv to b in the team too man.. huhu.. LUV MALAYSIA!

  8. 8 admin

    thanks for that. it was a privilege to do this project. the great response from the public thus far makes all the stress worthwhile. but its a long way to a malaysian’s malaysia from here and we must all continue to work hard for it.

    you can best help by helping us viral the stuff out to as many people as you can. you can also help by starting your own unity projects - however small or big. let’s not look at it as something that MAFU does alone - let’s look at it as something that everyone do, each in their own way.


  9. 9 Claire

    yeah..i act been asking my frens around to do our own version of this song..:D

  10. 10 khairuldzaim

    yerp,my band oso been remade the song into different vers.put a lil touch in the song.will post later.. nice music wit lil blues guitar.. phewww..

  11. 11 admin

    wow. can’t wait to hear them claire and khai. please make sure you guys sent the stuff to us. ok?

  12. 12 ruzanna!

    Okay. I have to admit, the first time I heard it.. I was like, “uh? apa ni?” and changed the radio channel. Then bila tukar, same song. Then tukar another one, same song. I was like, wallaweh. the tukar another channel, the song was about to start (the dj said la, I’m not phsycic) so I decided, listen je la. I was hooked! I searched youtube, found the video. And I thought, “ehhh, niiice”. Funny, too.

    The heck la, I write karangan.

    Anyways, just wanna say, good job! Really, really great job. Hope to see more publicity of this video. I’m linking this website and the video on my blog, just so you know. Ciao!

  13. 13 admin

    linked ruz..

  14. 14 oracle

    sweet, heard of it some time ago, didn’t realize there was even a MV. love the MV, nice, great concept, great thoughts.

    suggestion: maybe you guys should spread this to the mandarin speaking community as well, I didn’t get much info from the Chinese radio station nor papers.


  15. 15 Oracle

    by the way, I love what you wrote in the about page.

  16. 16 admin

    oracle - some chinese papers have covered it. some chinese radio stations like myfm have played the song A LOT. we are continuing to work on better coverage in the chinese press - but it is not easy for a predominantly english song to penetrate. we will soon be on all rtm stations - which will help - but there are definitely issues here. for example, many chinese press do not understand why we insist on giving interviews only in mixed groups and not just by a chinese speaking individual. it is symptomatic of the problem this country is facing that we seem to be walled up by skin color and language. everyone must work harder at it, don’t you think…? :)

  17. 17 Nathan

    This song proves even more that we as Malaysians are indeed different. One love undivided. I love this song to the max. Kudo’s to the entire production team, singers and supporting members.There is no other place in the world that would do something like this. Keep up the Malaysian spirit and we can show the rest of the world we are indeed one, Bangsa Malaysia.Been to many other countries in the world but I must admit, I would rather be at no other place but our very own Malaysia tersayang. <3 MALAYSIA

  18. 18 Kamarul

    This is totally not fair!!!
    Just because you and your gang are the artists… in the entertainment world, you guys have all what it needs to produced this song, to expressed your feelings and etc… but what about us - the so called people, who don’t have any links or things or whatever it needs to produced such a beautiful song like this…

    we too love our country and how we wished (me and my sons & daughter… and the rest of the people) wished that you did included some unknown common people in your video, maybe in your next video (you have my emel… ahak)… sincerly it was a beautiful song… your unity touched my heart… peace be with you all…

  19. 19 admin


    fyi, we did include so-called ‘unknown’ people in the project. not everyone in the project are from the arts & entertainment industry. we had students and florists (and so on) as well as musicians and actors. also note that not all the ‘artistes’ involved in the project were by any means ‘well-known’. many are independent or otherwise part-time musicians who have day jobs and most likely unknown to you. contrary to what many seem to think, this is not a project with only ’superstars’ in it.

    but even that is not really the point. rather, the point is this: there really is no reason why ANYONE can’t make their feelings known. the difference is only one of ‘magnitude of publicity’. granted, the advantage of having people in the ‘industry’ involved is that more media exposure is possible - but then, unless one confuses ‘big exposure’ with ‘big value’, then it doesn’t really matter how ‘big’ the project is.

    one of the most gratifying things about the project so far is not just that we have had amazing media and public support, but that various private individuals and groups have taken the cue to do their own things. some of these are related to MAFU, but others are not. these range from students singing ‘here in my home’ in kindergarten to musicians re-mixing the original song to bloggers bringing our effort to all their friends’ attention to folks starting their own independent unity projects. we totally encourage these efforts because that is the best way for people to participate (unless someone can tell us how to put 27 million people into one video). :-)

    at the end of the day, my friend, it is not the ’size’ of the project that matters. we each can do our little bit - and if everyone were to do their little bit, then we’ll get to a a better malaysia quicker than one single big project by itself.

    don’t you agree? :-)

  20. 20 aniera

    it was a great effort guys! n i really love this song!
    one good way to introduce malaysia to the world is from the entertainment industry..anyone heard about korea or hyundai before “winter sonata”? i never know korea was in our world map.. their drama promoting their own country, their songs(i know n listen to tvxq, paran n wondergirls), their culture..

    but, we should work hard dan jgn buat kerja sambil lewa.. a thing that really irritates me, some drama n movie’s producers buat kerja tangkap muat.. the house they use is malacca’s house but the cast cakap loghat penang..! WTH! ppl learn our culture n language from the dramas n movies they watch..

    like me, i’ll search bout the movie or drama if i found it was interesting..n i know many ppl will do the same..it is like killing 2 birds with a stone..we can promote our entertainment industries n our home..MALAYSIA.. ^^

  21. 21 Xavier

    Man… I never know that Malaysia That Rock…
    Making such song… I hope there’s more song coming out…
    Hope to hear for the news…
    One Love Is All About!!!
    Live Together,Grow Together &amp; Stay Strong Together!!!
    Keep On Going All Malaysian!!!
    Make a Better Place for Living…

  22. 22 admin


  23. 23 anyra

    great song! well done allz..luv this song! :) keep on rockin guys..

  24. 24 ah_john

    i love tis song! as part of the malaysian, we muz spread tis song out! tell ppl around us about this song. come on…say NAK to UNITY.

    i noticed tat u frm ur discussion on 31 05 2008, saying tat we need to intro tis song to chinese. ok! as a chinese…i\’ll play my part! i\’ve put the banner (link) at my blog and uploaded the song in my imeem. and i\’ve recorded tis song again using the K-version. hope ppl will get noticed about it. and i noe a group of ppl who support malaysian artists, so i\’ll let them know a play a role in tis wonderful project!


  25. 25 Hanna Razif

    lol I’m so slow I just found out but cool effort :D love the website and how it’s funny :)

  26. 26 Hazmi

    great song….respect!

  27. 27 ain

    very good effort from artistes…
    this song makes me really proud to be Malaysian …

    support u guys owes!!

  28. 28 Ajim

    i agree with xavier to come out more song coz i feel very peaceful when hear dis song need more new 1 and i hope can make the song which every1 loves to hear it…. 1 good point here is we can reduce racism

  29. 29 Josephine

    Greetings to all,

    I’m Josephine from Multicultural Arts Malaysia and I’m here to invite you to join our Singer songwriter session that we solely raised for the upcoming talented singer songwriters to perform in conjunction with the arts and culture activities that will be held there in Menara Hap Seng.

    I would like to urge Malaysian singer songwriters to come participate as this is a platform raised to gather all singer songwriters to feature their passion in music to people who attends this event, which can be of public and media people.

    Details of event is as below :-

    Objective : To raise a platform for the young and upcoming, talented singer songwriters who are passionate about music to perform and to be heard by public and media. This is also an opportunity for them to come and support the arts and culture platform.

    Venue : Menara Hap Seng, KL (Jalan P.Ramlee)

    Time : First session 5-7pm , Second session 7.30-9pm

    Date : Every Saturday, starting 16th August 2008

    Please let me know if you are interested to book up a slot, otherwise, it would be great to have you attending this event too! Thanks!


    Josephine Kuay,

    m +60122821502

  30. 30 EnangYussin

    I love the song and the video clip! I salute the effort you guys have put forward to produce the song and the clip. I’ve posted it on my blog though… What a coincindence that I discovered the clip during this Merdeka month. In the spirit of Merdeka and in support for PEACE and UNITY, here’s wishing all of you good health (so that you’ll have more ideas to produce more catchy tunes and amazing videos), and many happy years to come!

    Thanks a bunch! (”,)

  31. 31 Fon

    There is something that I would like to share when I listened this song for the first time in my life. After listened to the song, I was thinking “Who wrote this songs?it’s damn good…”The song brings a strong message of the spirit of Malaysians.I always wish that Malaysian’s artists should come out with good, quality of songs which speaks the words for Malaysians.And finally, it comes true indeed…

    I would like to say thank you to the crew which write a good song and quality MTV…Keep on the hard work to write more songs to the community…

    Lastly…what else…I repeat the songs day and night…

  32. 32 fiqah;)

    I live in a boarding school and first heard this song on my old walkman. At that moment, I heard the song and felt in love with it. At first, I only recognized Jaclyn Victor’s voice. At the end of the song I heard the radio announcer (Ean from Hitz.fm, I think) said it was by Malaysian artistes. I went home for the school holidays and watch the video clip yesterday on hitz.tv and I like the video and saw the link of this site. Thank you for giving the free download. To all who ere involved you guys did a great job. Hope you guys would do something like this again ;)
    Now, this song is stuck in my head

  33. 33 AQilla

    We’re not much of singers. So we thought, why not lip sync it. HAHA.
    Not much of lip sync-ers either. LOL.
    This was such a random thing we came up with, simply to celebrate the 51 years of Merdeka & also for the love of this AWESOME song.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  34. 34 AQilla

    Eyhh, can’t embed it here? Haha, well here’s the link :

    Again, enjoy! Woots!

  35. 35 admin

    thanks for the messages guys. sorry for the late response. kinda swamped for weeks.

    aquilla - great effort. haha. will embed here soon. :) thanks for the initiative!!

  36. 36 Charles T.

    may this song inspire Malaysians to think about Peace & Unity and not allow others to incite them to Racial Tension. Peace & Love to All!

  37. 37 Fahmi ALi

    you guys are genius!
    this is just whats needed to fix this broken nation- muhibbah n perpaduan =)

  38. 38 Fauzi Samion

    I wonder why “malaysian artistes for unity” and the song are not featured by the mainstream TV RTM/TV3/NTV???

    Is it because the authority deemed the project to be ‘unMalaysian”?

    I think this song is more meaningful that those ‘Lagu Patriotik’ that RTM or TV# tend to play before teh 8pm new buletin.

    Maysbe you guys should approach kementerian Perhubungan for ‘penjelasan’?

  39. 39 eejane

    hye.to the malaysianartistesforunity team. i may be kinda late to be here to compliment on what a great job you all Malaysians have done to unite our nation. i only heard bout the existance of this song 3 weeks ago. and the first thing i heard about it, i’ve put it on my blog, right away. i fell in love with the song. and its not only the song but being that its sang by Malaysians, written by Malaysians and calling out for all Malaysians to unite as one. i heard about this through my friend as i have been away from ‘my home’ for half a year now. and i really miss Malaysia. hearing this song really makes my homesickness worsen.

    Malaysia is really my one true love. it may seem to be hypocritical to say this but i am just a really patriotic person. and being that, i am so proud of this production of this song. every part of me wished i am back home, involved in this monster project. but i do hope that this spirit keeps up and soon see a change in our nation.

    spread the love. ku cinta padamu, Malaysia.

  40. 40 EVAmae

    wat can i say?? love it! i let my friend listen to this song, they love this song and they actually copied this song into their music player too… i linked “Malaysian artistes for unity” web via my blog too. An unique song to be shared together~

  41. 41 Elaine

    This song is GREAT!!!

    Good job Pete! Hope to see more works from you :)

  42. 42 sarah fadzil

    It is a known fact that you guys did a great job. I love the simplicity of the video. Thus, I’ve embedded the video and linked the website on my blog. That’s the least I could do. :) Well done Malaysian! ;)

  43. 43 wan chyn

    its sounds great!!good job, everyone!!!

  44. 44 Malanil

    This song caught me once and i love it immediately. I have embedded it in my Facebook so that my relatives and friends all over the world will be able to hear it and believe it in our UNITY.

    Thank you to all those involved, good job done!

  45. 45 unimpressed

    I sincerely applaud your fultile efforts to create another brand new “negarakuku” themed mvs to promote racial unity and harmony when the leaders and their wretched kinds who are always promoting racial biases and supremacy over minorities which are deemed squatters in the so-called “ketuanan melayu” aka malay supremacy, which non-malays must never question and request it to be removed. Any attempts to promote equality among races and religions are deemed blasphemous and disrespectful to the malays because it removes their special rights and privileges in many sectors like chairmanships in various businesses and easy entries into various local universities. Why not you take some time offs and go to mosques where the imams always preach about how non-malays stole malay lands and moneys? Racial segregation is always been part of KBSR and KBSM published in our children buku latihans. Every year, we are losing a lot of bright minds who are top scorers (SPM and STPM) but couldn’t get places in our local varsities just because they are not malays. In contrast, malays even with the shittiest results are easily got into MU and study subjects of their choices. You call that fair?

    So you tell me, how can there be harmony when one promotes supremacy over others? Can the malays really live without such crutch mentality called NEP and stop living in paranoia about the non-malays are robbing them of everything? So you think I am racist? Why don’t you blame it on gahmen baboons who are the real racists who formulated such racist schemes of governing 40 years ago? Are all of you too scare for another May 13 just because the malays will go all out to kill non-malays?

    Singing and acting on mvs just aren’t enough, unity shouldn’t be seen on tvs, it should be real. So who are you phonies to tell the people to live in harmony when the leaders just don’t lead by examples? Oh don’t tell me that’s why you are doing this when our leaders won’t give a damn about whatever you’ve said because our leaders are stone deaf. Screw Malaysia!!!!

  46. 46 admin


    if you’d bothered to read the interviews and other related materials associated with this project, you’d find that we have repeatedly acknowledge that ‘a song and video’ alone is not enough to solve the problems of this country - from the racial segregation to corruption and other forms of blatant abuse. fundamentally, it is up to the people [preferably through the ballot boxes] to try to make this country better.

    yes, we believe that everyone can and must contribute towards a better Malaysia - each in their own way. this is our contribution as artists and activists, however limited - what’s yours?

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