‘making of’ on hitz tv

cheesethe ‘making of here in my home’ will screen on astro’s hitz tv tonight (channel 705) at 8pm. for those who can’t be there, the program will be repeated on 25th may (coming sunday 8pm) and 29th may (coming thursday 5.30pm).

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  1. 1 lin

    aiya..cannot download the making of ke?? i no astro la..

  2. 2 admin

    ha. will put it up tomorrow or the day after. k? :D

  3. 3 Mr Dino

    u’ll upload it here? dats cool~~

  4. 4 admin

    yup. upload for you guys to download. soon. :-)

  5. 5 rajanorashikin
  6. 6 Kung-Fu

    Thanks precious:
    s a pleasure for me, which I think for that event ‘
    I have done what you asked me, well tunlo safe ..,
    Your faithful friend

  7. 7 rayka


  8. 8 admin

    hhhhhhaiiiii back. ;)

  9. 9 Xavier

    Man… I never know that Malaysia That Rock…
    Making such song… I hope there’s more song coming out…
    Hope to hear for the news…
    One Love Is All About!!!
    Live Together,Grow Together & Stay Strong Together!!!
    Keep On Going All Malaysian!!!
    Make a Better Place for Living…

  10. 10 admin

    broken record? ;)

  11. 11 eighty

    fantabulous! a job well done people! and thank you VERY much for making it FREE for EVERYONE-now that’s a rare thing today :P

  12. 12 arik

    love the song so much.. hope u dont mind if i sing the song during the celebration of independent festival at my campus this coming 30 august

  13. 13 admin

    arik. not at all. please sing! have fun! ;-)

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