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chart!we are currently 7th in the weekly most viralled video in the world as surveyed by [a popular free daily newspaper in the uk]. we are also the 15th most viralled music video today in the world. i have no idea how they measure such things but click >here< for the evidence. then give yourselves a pat on the back. keep it spreading!! 

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  1. 1 -Z-

    Thankz…Thankz…and thankz for making me realize how sweet our home is…Thankz

  2. 2 senaiboy

    it\’s gone up to number 6 now :D

  3. 3 admin

    oh dear. so it has. :D

  4. 4 QuaChee

    wow, steady lah :) congratulations - u guys deserve it :)

  5. 5 moja

    The coolest effort ever!!!
    I’ve just added the clip on my blog a moment ago!
    Keep up the good work guys!

  6. 6 winn

    wow… bravo! you guys deserved it, this song really rocks!

    i was so touched when i first heard the song, (sob..sob)!! well done.

  7. 7 admin

    thanks for the messages guys. hillary clinton just knocked us down to 7th again overnight. cheh…

    keep spreading and viralling it! :)

  8. 8 p3i

    i juz post on blog..
    i love this song since the first time i heard it!
    it is a awesome!! gambate!!

  9. 9 admin

    ha. thanks for that. gambate indeed.

    we’re 6th again. yo-yo.

  10. 10 Yvonne

    well done!!!
    keep the spirit on!!!

  11. 11 superpiggu

    there r so many reasons to luv tis song-simple yet meaningful lines,the artistes tat sang the song,the goofiness in how the vclip is reason ll stand out clearly to everyone who listens tis for first time-nuthin beats malaysia..
    we reli miz malaysia…
    ikan bilisz among salmons

  12. 12 Sheela

    Amazing! Just linked it in my site. Love the lyrics and the way the video was shot…the clips are all so random showing the diversity of the people of our country (awww *sniff*) Oh and thanks for the free downloads, now can listen to/watch it whenever I want to :D
    Keep it up guys!

  13. 13 Sheela

    Oh yeah, the link is:

    By the way, if you guys ever need volunteers for future projects, would love to help! Even if it means having to protect the guava ;)

  14. 14 admin


    you’ve been linked loooooong time ago. check ‘on air - external links - blogs - first block - 11 lines from the bottom - first link’.

    oh yes, we are really that good. wink.

    will holler if we need bodyguard for da G thing… :-)

  15. 15 Sheela

    Whoaa, I didn’t notice that, haha =)

    Alrighty then ;)

  16. 16 stevo

    Excellent!! My bulu roma stood. Well done guys! Here’s to Malaysian solidarity!

  17. 17 ultimate

    Haha…does this mean that Malaysians only want FREE MUSIC? A yes from me for sure…

    Great Job!!!

  18. 18 Kevin

    I absolutely loved the video with all the pretty people!

    My very small complaint is that a large majority of the artistes are from the urban or English-language media. There are only a few people there (Awie, maybe) who appeal mostly to the rural, Malay-speaking or, perhaps, less liberal audience.

    We need Erra, Mawi, and the Datuk! You might not reaching an important section of the demographics!

  19. 19 aden

    Hi guys,

    I got the link to the videoclip from my friend a few weeks ago. And today I read about the song in Now finally I can have the song without having to fly all the way back to Malaysia from Denmark. I truly,truly love the song so much. And oh my…it still touch my heart until now, doesn’t matter how many times I listened to still bring tears to my eyes…it just so touchy and to know that there are someone else out there who care about what’s going on in our country as much as some of us do and feels the same way as some of us felt, really meant a lot.

  20. 20 Zafira

    Hey guys..i was reading the news online and read the article about our malaysian aritist came together and did a song. I clicked on the link n fell in love with the song there n then. I became crazy bout the song. I download everything from mp3 to the chords and sent the video to my sis’s n mum’s hp. I forced my Aussie frens to have a listen n they see, to enjoy it too. The song really touched my heart n im really proud of u guys. Would love to join if you guys are doing nething that involves a bigger crowd.Cant wait to come home…Im one of the RAKYAT lah!

  21. 21 admin

    kevin - that’s a very fair comment you have made. it is also something we are aware of. in our defense, it is not the sort of project where we are able to get everyone we wanted. in fact, many people were asked but not all could make it. still, we hope future efforts by us or others will rectify this shortcoming. thanks for your support regardless!

    aden & zafira - be safe when you’re out there. come back soon. :-)

  22. 22 Maya

    Great sticky song! Will be posting my blog for more viral power. It’s so good to know that we Malaysians can band together for something so intangible yet so important like unity. Congratulations to every one who worked on the song. Unbelievable! ;-)

  23. 23 Keong

    I embedded the video and a banner in my blog… I am 1 of the “gang” now… hahahahahaha…

  24. 24 JChong

    one of the best songs by local artistes. that\\\’s the power of unity that transcends race, creed and religion. this is unity in all sincerity and should be the stuff that the govt should encourage.

  25. 25 Anne,

    i love it the very first moment i heard it on with dj jj. haha!
    malaysia just screams the word UNITY. I cant imagine living w/o all the races here cz im used to different colours and races and religions among my friends

    check out my friendster profile. u can see i have a lot of non-malay friends, actually :)
    and we UNITE.

    oh, add me up terus lah. hehe

  26. 26 lowch1

    Bravo for the effort!!! I have it in my blog, on my phone, on my computer (until my roommate complained it’s becoming annoying.. lol.. ). Looking forward for a wallpaper if you guys are doing one. =]

  27. 27 admin

    thanks for all that ppl. :-)
    all above with blogs have been linked. thanks!

  28. 28 IceGlacial™

    Wee, truly a work of art at last.

    Lyrics seems abit.. weird at the early part (no offence) but overall, the song is okay. I loved the rap part the most, XD.

    Btw, i’ve embedded it in my bloggie, mind if i resize it to 200 x 161 instead of the normal 425 x 344 so that it fits in my blog?


    Goodluck, and remember to mail me if you guys keluar new songs wor! lol, cya.

  29. 29 admin

    thanks ice. linked. :-)

  30. 30 proud citizen

    Simple yet meaningful and full with messages. Great job guys !!!
    enjoyed watching the video, listening to the music and touched by the lyrics…Lets play our part and be a truly UNITED MALAYSIAN !!!!

    btw i’ve embedded it in my friendster - add me lah !!

    All the best guys and thanks for the GIFT .

  31. 31 admin

    sham - u been added sir. :-)

  32. 32 Xavier

    Man… I never know that Malaysia That Rock…
    Making such song… I hope there’s more song coming out…
    Hope to hear for the news…
    One Love Is All About!!!
    Live Together,Grow Together & Stay Strong Together!!!
    Keep On Going All Malaysian!!!
    Make a Better Place for Living…

  33. 33 ~ ALIEN ~

    WOW! such a great song & MTV! DOUBLE thumbs-up to the project members! here is my post about the MTV…

    i will always support the project! GOOD LUCK! ^_^

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