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pete teo was interviewed over the weekend by an indie webzine called >‘infidel media’<. issues discussed included race relations in malaysia, new media vs old media and the art of getting the country to sing together. we don’t know why pete’s 3 hour monologue on the symbolic power of the guava did not make the final cut. click >here< to read.

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  1. 1 maike

    this is a great project
    really hope to get direct involvement in it

    well done!

  2. 2 Ian

    Blessings to all of you!

    There’s hope for Malaysia yet!

    I’m putting this on my blog and my Facebook!

  3. 3 Enjee

    I just wan to say it is a very impressive project and song!

  4. 4 jieN miN

    Truly, im deadly love this song.
    As a Malaysians society, this song was really meaningful for us.

    Brilliant… big hand to all of you!!! Peace !

  5. 5 em

    Great effort, great song & timely done. Bravo.

  6. 6 Shiva Ruppeni

    hey, congrats on the great song and video.

    i have published about the project on my blog.


    looking foward for more great songs from you guys.

  7. 7 arron

    a very nice song. probably the best in it’s category. it’s good to have more of these songs…

  8. 8 Stella


    I just came to know about it from the Star Online newspaper today. It is a fantastic song! Congratulations!

    I will surely play a role to spread this meaningful and great song to my friends here in Finland and my other Malaysian friends who are in abroad, too.

    Keep up the great work! We are truly Malaysians - not Malays, Chinese, or Indians!!! :)
    All the best in the future!

  9. 9 kareem

    hey guys..
    this is great!
    already embedded the song at my blog..
    really love the message..
    maybe someday all of us can gather somewhere to spread the message..

    proud to be malaysian!

  10. 10 Chee Hsien

    this is a very great project.. I never thought that someone will come out with this for malaysian. *kudos*!

    Anyway, I’d embed the video, here’s the link.

  11. 11 mel

    I think its a great effort of what you guys are doing here…really really really good job! its awesome.

    Keep up the good work guys! =D
    proud to be Malaysian!

  12. 12 lee

    great job! i m a malaysian currently studying overseas… n this song just makes me feel like going home so so so much! i miss home! i miss malaysia! >.<

  13. 13 Adrian



    Its going out to all in my list of mail, facebook..EVERYTHING!!! FANTASTIC!!!

  14. 14 Halfflungsky

    Congratulations on this wonderful project.

    Will be forwarding to all my friends.

  15. 15 Kimmy

    Great song, amazing job, wonderful people and lovely country!!

  16. 16 Jess

    Loved every bit of the song. Helped spread the word to my colleagues too and hope people will keep sharing this and pass it on.

    The song makes me want to stand up and sing out loud!~

  17. 17 Jean Chia

    hi, i’ve just found out about this project. i think it’s really great what you wonderful peoples are doing! I love the song that I’ve embedded yr video in my blog for sharing. :) Hv a great day!

  18. 18 mob1900

    You are so gonne get laid, Pete. lolx

  19. 19 Chee Soon

    Bravo!!! U guys rock!! That\’s what we called MALAYSIAN!!!

  20. 20 star

    two thumbs up for all that are directly or indirectly involved in this project!!
    addicted to here in my home the moment i heard it first time. can\\\’t get enough since then.. lol..

    i\\\’ve sent this link to all my family, relatives, and friends that i could get my hands on!

    bravo again to everyone!! keep it up and going!!!

  21. 21 akhmar mahadher

    congrat 2 u pete teo……first time i heard this song…..i cry….bulu roma menegak….so touching n so proud…..malaysian people at here…..we are malaysian more malay, indian or chinese..just malaysian race……thanks for the great job , the great song , the great lyric and the great team.,…….

  22. 22 leng

    Ha! you all took 50 years to figure out Malaysia need this song ah…well, time to play it LOUD and wake up the others…Mouhahaha

    ooi! Play it in school canteen every day lah!

  23. 23 dash

    this is the song of the century!!!!!
    no words in dictionary can describe my proud feeling right now.

  24. 24 Kanasaikia

    Good job!!
    I like the music.

    Say no to racism & say WE are MALAYSIAN!!

    By the way, I had embeded this video in my blog

    Cheers!! ^^

  25. 25 jordan

    Thanks ya….I’m very love this song

    Beside that, I already embedded this video to my blog~~

    If have time, come visit visit….

  26. 26 adore

    I’m overwhelmed by this song. I was thinking that it would be better if the background of the video is white.
    Anyway, I hope this song can open up hearts of Malaysians to stay as one, and not falling apart.
    Stop judging on, but give thoughts for each other. Instead of criticizing on the others, we may as well spend the time by asking ourselves what we can do for the country.
    Look, Malaysian Artistes For Unity has done it, shouldn’t we follow the foot steps?

  27. 27 admin

    thanks for that everyone. if everyone does his or her own little bit, then we’ll get there eventually. :D
    all above with blogs - you have been linked. thanks!!! :P

  28. 28 beauty

    Thank you for the effort put in to create a beautiful song. The combination of races is enjoyed by many. It’s a marvellous idea.

  29. 29 Katherine

    dope video! i’m all for an idealistic voice for the nation, it shows malaysia’s going places - thanks to MUFA!

  30. 30 admin

    thanks all. :-)

  31. 31 Xavier

    Man… I never know that Malaysia That Rock…
    Making such song… I hope there’s more song coming out…
    Hope to hear for the news…
    One Love Is All About!!!
    Live Together,Grow Together &amp; Stay Strong Together!!!
    Keep On Going All Malaysian!!!
    Make a Better Place for Living…

  32. 32 Shavee

    It is truly a beautiful thing being done. I hope more Malaysians will unite their hearts towards this kind of a cause. Thank you for getting the ball rolling. God bless all of you!!

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