hotlink comes onboard!

maxis hotlink has come onboard to support the mafu initiative. this means you can now set your caller ringtone to ‘here in my home’ for free. they are also facilitating the free download of our video and mp3 on their >site<. so hurry and get your non-net friends involved in the campaign too!

this initiative is possible thanks to the hard work of not only the hotlink / music unlimited people, but also the digital music department of universal music - both of whom pulled out all the stops to make sure this happens. we’d like to extend a special thanks to sandy monteiro for putting the deal together. 

just to make sure you guys are absolutely clear about this - the free download facility at maxis hotlink is ABSOLUTELY free. this means that, not only they will not charge you for the download of mafu content, but they will also waive any data transmission charge that they normally levy even for free download promotions. as far as we can understand, this is the first time EVER that this has ever been done in malaysia. we’ve also been told that they had to especially re-configure the system so that this absolute free pricing can be made available to you. kudos to them!

to download and set your caller ringtone to ‘here in my home’, just follow the instructions below: 

type the following codes on your mobile phone, then press ’send’:           

      *131*95910#  - for ringtone 1

      *131*96158#  - for ringtone 2

       *131*96159#  - for ringtone 3 

      *131*96160#  - for ringtone 4

you will receive confirmation from maxis shortly. then call your mobile phone to confirm that your caller ringtone has been changed. it’s free, so you can download all 4 to get random replay. 

you can  get more information about our hotlink downloads on the fabulous MAFU section they put together on their >site<. this historic free download facility is only available until august 2008. so please hurry up and support us by texting the above codes to your friends and family to get them to use our caller ringtones!

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  1. 1 pooi theng

    I am so proud of you guys! I love you guys so much.. and i am proud to be a Malaysian. Thank you Malaysia. I love you, Malaysia!

  2. 2 Akiko ^^~

    OMG! Chillipepper GANG!! i\’m so proud of you guys! YEs , Fendi! Farid! Fara! Joe! >>\"
    YasminAhmad > > > > SUgoii~,
    thanks loads to Adnan Salleh for the great opportunity to work with those Chilli guys.

  3. 3 lynn90

    you people rock!!! the song is super awesome!! i’d sing it everyday if it’s being played in college.. like the national anthem.. LOL.. afdlin shauki sings like a pro mann!! two thumbs-up.. and you have JASON LO!! double two thumbs-up.. Hah.. i’ve embedded the vid by the way.. in my blog!! am darn proud to tell that to the whole world.. you guys rock my socks mann!! the song is totally in my head.. and i feel the love!! cheers people.. keep up the great job.. smiles.. :)
    p.s it’s also my caller ringtone.. woot!!! XD

  4. 4 admin

    pooi theng & lynn - thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support. the team gets a real kick our of your excitement. :-)
    akiko - the chillis say hello back. :D

  5. 5 SilverIsle

    Wow. This is so cool. Too bad I’m not in Malaysia at the moment. =(

  6. 6 Kenneth

    So glad to see more and more people are getting involved in their own ways. Kudos to Hotlink/Maxis for giving these caller ringtones for FREE! I already got mine.

    Too bad that it will expire on 31/8.

  7. 7 admin

    kenneth - well, if relatively few people use the caller ringtone in all of Malaysia, then it is very difficult to argue for an extension, know what I mean? ;-P

    go and spam all your friends with the download codes and get them to forward it to all their friends. if enough people use it and want it to be extended, then i am sure the good folks at maxis will be happy to oblige.

  8. 8 Reen Raja Azmi

    very kewl
    love it!~!

  9. 9 Kenneth

    Thanks admin, I know what you mean. :D I already did what I can do, Friendster, Facebook and my blog. Therefore, hoping that others can do their part as well. MAFU boleh!!

  10. 10 Akiko ^^~

    >>” omg… my finals is next week… and i am checking out this page again. 5 garments to complete!!!
    thx chillis + admin

  11. 11 Terry Tee

    Hi~ I am maxis but not hotlink user, how can i get this caller ringtones?

  12. 12 admin

    terry - yup. all maxis users can use the caller ringtones. just do as instructed above. enjoy it. :-)

  13. 13 May

    Love This Song,Keep it up.Ten Thumbs Up For You All!!!!!



  15. 15 Leong

    KEEP IT UP……

  16. 16 admin

    thanks leong. sorry about it being limited to maxis. they are the only one that agreed to our zero cost premise.

  17. 17 Tan


    I just want to warn you all, I got charged for the third & forth “Here In My Home” caller ringtones that I downloaded via above instructions.

    All 4 caller ringtones are stated as free songs even in Maxis caller ringtone portal but yet I got charged. When I called the Maxis 123 support, they told me the first 2 is free but the third one onwards will be charged.

    It’s clearly stated free for all 4 caller ringtones in the above instruction, and there’s no statement or condition saying it’s only free for the first 2. very ridiculous and i can’t get the charges waived. So beware! Probably the web site administrator should go and clarify with Maxis before publishing this misleading instructions. TQ

  18. 18 Tan

    hmm.. you can’t just delete my warning.

    there r ppl who would download all 4 ringtones thinking it’s all free and then get charged by Maxis.

    i know it’s probably not your fault, and you may need some time to clarify with Maxis, but to prevent more ppl from getting charged by Maxis, u should display the warning.

    it’s no joke, i really got charged for the 3rd “Here In My Home” caller ringtone which is supposed to be free! just trying to help..

  19. 19 admin

    tan - your post wasn’t deleted but was snared by our spam filter. in the future, please do not place things like ‘***warning***’ in your post - as that gets picked up by our spam engine as potential spam and will be suspended. once your ip number is picked up, all future posts are automatically suspended until it is de-spammed [it is now].

    anyway, thanks for the heads-up vis the charges - which if true, is a surprise to us - and by our understanding, maxis certainly should not be charging anything. we will looking into it tomorrow. please check back here soon for the status.

  20. 20 admin


    tan - we have confirmed with maxis that you should not be charged for any download - however many you have downloaded. please double checked that your billing is indeed for mafu downloads and not for something else. if you were indeed charged for the mafu caller ring tone download, please contact >here< to report the error.

    let us know how u get on. k?

  21. 21 Xavier

    Man… I never know that Malaysia That Rock…
    Making such song… I hope there’s more song coming out…
    Hope to hear for the news…
    One Love Is All About!!!
    Live Together,Grow Together & Stay Strong Together!!!
    Keep On Going All Malaysian!!!
    Make a Better Place for Living…

  22. 22 rezzwan @ ridzuan

    pergh, baek pnya~
    hope people’s realize we can be 2gether

  23. 23 Tan

    hi admin,

    i hv checked with the Maxis contact u provided, it seems there was billing error causing confusion in the bill. my old caller ringtone got renewed on 23/05, i only cancelled it on 26/05 so i got charged for this old one, nothing to do with Here in my home ringtone.

    the bill shows some download charges n then some rebate, so it was confusing, and the 123 support staff insisted that only the first 2 ringtone r free, hence the confusion. sorry bout that.

  24. 24 admin

    tan - no problem. glad it is resolved. :-)

  25. 25 azzah


  26. 26 Jayson

    These caller ringtones are free until august 2008…does it mean that we have to pay after that?

  27. 27 wely

    may i knw in wat condition we can get hotlink free caller ringtones?

  28. 28 umyira

    Hi Miss;

    pls let me know , if i want to delete CRT..
    FYI , i have tried so many times..but still cann’t. through website or as per ur center advise to dial *131*…

    thanks a lot!!!

  29. 29 admin

    sorry about the belated reminder - been away. please be notified that from August 31st onwards, the use of the MAFU caller ring tone will not be free anymore. You can of course subscribe to use the ringtones but will be charged as per normal ringtones. For existing subscribers, to continue using it [why not? ;-)], just renew it with Maxis when the renewal notice comes - to discontinue, er… just discontinue when the renewal notice comes.

    Please call the Maxis help centre if there should b problems. :-)

  30. 30 remy

    hey there, been trying to get mafu’s caller ringtone, but an sms was sent to me saying “the caller ringtone is no longer available”,

    why is that?

    i really dont care if i have to pay for it, i just want it on my caller ringtone!!!

  31. 31 admin


    it should still be available. have u tried calling the maxis help line? let us know if maxis fail to be of help. k?

  32. 32 hoo

    the hotlink got one msg Service 26000 fOr Daily news. The service had monthly3 charge, i want cancell The service, i follow the Step send msg to 26000 or 26333, but also fail. How i can do?
    kindly reply me soonest . thx

  33. 33 samuel

    can u let me know how to cancel the caller ring tone.


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